Girl Power

She’s on a new soccer team this year. One of only two girls. It’s a more competitive league, and the practices have been brutal. She comes home from them exhausted, our shower lined with dirt from the field when she is done. Today was their first tournament.

One of the boys told her she wasted her time coming out for it, seeing how she’ll just be warming the bench. A few minutes later, someone rolled over his foot, and he collapsed. She helped him to the bench. He was out the rest of the game, icing his injury. (“I snickered, though, Mom. Just a little bit.”)

Meanwhile, Lola was put in, and she was there on the field as her sister-teammate scored the team’s first goal. And she stayed in the rest of the game.

And then, as the team rode home, she chatted with her new coach, who expressed surprise when he learned that Lola is American, too. “This whole time, he didn’t know. I guess I don’t have an accent anymore. He just assumed I am only German.” 

 I am so ridiculously proud of this kid. She’s my girl.

Late night coffee break.

Did I mention it’s just the two of us this weekend? The others are visiting family in Bavaria while we stayed home for her soccer tournament. We’ve spent most of the day reconfiguring three bedrooms: the boys each have their own rooms now while Lola moves into the attic suite with its spiral staircase and skylights overlooking the village.

Not a bad deal, although we’ve had to dismantle desks, bookcases, wardrobes, and haul books, clothing, and bedding up and down that staircase. Just the two of us!

But I’m telling you, we are cut from the same cloth … two Energizer bunnies who are naturally night owls who love carving out living spaces. These bedrooms are gonna be awesome! Can’t wait to see her brothers’ reactions.