I Will Still

Got my feelings hurt today when I learned a friend made a hurtful joke at my expense. It wasn’t even an accurate joke. I laugh along with those. But this one was based on a falsehood circulated during my career upheaval awhile back.

And the moody Millennial side of me sulked.

That’s always a known risk when one makes the decision to bring attention to bad situations … people are going to talk shit, but nevertheless, it still sucks when it happens, especially when it’s by someone I thought was an ally.

I stewed on it for a few hours … more time than I should … before deciding that I was merely nursing a bruised ego … not a bruised heart. Because here’s the deal with me … my friendship, love, and compassion are freely given with no expectation of friendship, love, and compassion in return.

Seriously. No matter who you are, I will STILL pack up my children’s clothes and pass them to all your babies. I will STILL quietly arrange for your taxi home when you are too tipsy to do it yourself. I will STILL bake cakes and cookies for all your families because zee Germans haven’t figured out brown sugar yet. I will STILL applaud your accomplishments and find ways to clear a path for you, even if it’s awkward .. or done from afar without you ever knowing. Because that’s the type of person I try to be every day. Once I reminded myself of that, I didn’t care about the joke anymore.

I share all this because maybe it’s a good reminder for you, too, in case you’re nursing some hurt.

Possibly related: this Throwback Photo from October 2014 when my broom was in the shop, I had somewhere to be, and my witch hat didn’t fit in the minivan. True story. I laugh at the memory.