Question 1052: What is the first thing people usually notice about you?

I can’t speak for other people, so I posted this question on social media. I’m glad I did.

Had I answered this question without the feedback of others, I would have surmised that the first thing people notice about me is my height. Or lack of it. Or perhaps the heels I wear to compensate for my short stature.

I would have guessed it was my brown hair with its strands of silver. Or my outfit. Or the exhaustion that I feel radiates off my skin, soaked in these fine lines and wrinkles that are slowly etching themselves in my visage.

On my really off-days, I would have answered … my double chin. People notice my double chin.

But that’s not the case.

My social media network informed me that the thing most people usually notice about me is my smile.

They notice the shape of my lips spread over my teeth, and the way that it opens up my entire face. In their words…

“It’s gorgeous and shows the slightest bit of mischief.”

“In my experience, you are usually laughing or smiling. It always made me wonder what you were up to.”

“Definitely your smile and generally bubbly aura.”

Others liked and agreed with the comments about my smile. Another suggested that I radiate happiness.

This is a good reminder that people don’t really pay attention to the things we focus on about ourselves, do they?

I can not take credit for the DNA that gifted me the mechanics of a healthy smile, but it is reassuring to know that I project happiness and friendliness, and a sense of cheeky mischief, that my many flaws — whether real or imagined — aren’t the first thing people notice when I’m around.

That’s definitely a reason to smile.


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