Lose It

Looking glam over my children’s chalk drawings and swimming pool.

I know a lot of my lady friends can relate to this … I was 26 years old when I first noticed the symptoms. I was told it was a hormone issue & the recommendation was for me to lose some weight. Fresh off my deployment to the Middle East, I weighed about 120 lbs at the time.

It was the first of many instances where the solution to a health concern of mine was weight loss.

But even when I ate like a bird, and ran every day & did all the things to shrink myself, my body continued to magnificently screw up my cycles (requiring help when making the Middles, but then surprising us with FestBaby), keep me on the brink of diabetes (to include those bouts of GD while pregnant), drown me in fatigue while spinning me with random bursts of energy, wrecking my skin, shedding my hair while requiring me to carry multiple tweezers for everywhere else, keeping my core doughy despite all the Pilates, and pushing my liver & blood pressure into angst, along with so many other seemingly random symptoms … I just knew these things couldn’t ALL be within my control, as implied.

And yet, when I last went to my general practitioner, I was told to consider my weight … AND my age.

BUT TODAY … today, I went to my lady doctor – the same one who cared for me during my pregnancy with Junior – and she reconfirmed that yeah, I have a hormone issue, and yeah, getting older & all the stress probably made things extra wonky, but we’re going to use meds to address these metabolic reproductive issues that exist no matter what number is on my scale, these things that can’t be fixed thru diet & exercise alone. It felt amazing to hear all that.

I’ll continue with the healthy diet and fitness, of course, because it’s good for me, but I do so without the pressure now.

And mostly to keep shocking people when they learn I’m a mother of four.