About Our Family

We are 
Julie and Martin.

  • We met in 1999 when Julie was a high school foreign exchange student in Nuremberg, Germany, where Martin grew up. 
  • Then we  got married in 2002, but started this blog in 2001 just weeks before 9/11
  • For 16 years, we’ve blogged about marriage, babies, jobs, deployments, moves, and more.
  • Julie’s talked to CNNNBC, and others about being a military veteran and returning to civilian life.
  • Martin’s been featured a few times about life as a stay-at-home dad.
  • Parents Magazine readers once named ours the “Best All-Around Mom Blog.” 
  • And then there was that time Tim Gunn gave Julie a makeover on national television.Yes. That Tim Gunn.Wanna learn more? Go take a dive in our archives! 🙂

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