Today’s workout in the home gym included an hour on the cardio machine. I prefer running outside, but RuPaul’s DragRace Season 10 on Netflix made it so much fun! Also, shout-out to my crime-fighting badass sister Jill for the Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network t-shirt.

Best Day Ever – 10

This would be a lot more fun if we had some Helium, but all she‘s got are two lightheaded parents with great lung capacity determined to fill her bedroom before she wakes up.

2:43 a.m. – Exactly 10 years ago, I was wide awake and restless, too excited to sleep, knowing my baby girl was just hours away from being born. Now, I‘m too restless and excited (and still jet-lagged, TBH) to sleep, knowing tomorrow is going to be full of her most favorite things. She knows, but she doesn’t, and it‘s going to be awesome.

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TBT: Little Bitty Baby

We celebrate an important birthday this weekend, so today’s Throwback Thursday photo is from November 2008, taken when my Lola was just a few days old. She was a dream come true: my very own living baby doll who looked just like me. When they held up Lola over the curtain for that first glance, my immediate thought was, “She looks JUST LIKE ME! She is MINE!”

I can’t believe she’s hitting the double digits now! Thank goodness she still lets me squish her face every now and then.

See You Next Time, America!

We made it to our gate! Martin, Miss C, and I feel like pack mules, but fortunately, the check-in lady politely whistled and winked when two of our bags were slightly (slightly!) over the limit, and sent them on their way with no fuss. Whew!!!

THANK YOU to everyone who welcomed us, who hosted us, who loved on us, and who made this trip so incredible. And there are soooo many more we weren’t able to see and visit, but who reached out to us nevertheless. There is never enough time, but we leave here with so many great memories. We appreciate all the love and support, and can’t wait until our paths cross again. Goodbye, America!

Goodbye, America!

Books and Visits

Today’s stack of books includes biographies of David Bowie, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Also?!?! I am soooooo excited I found “Code Girls.” It’s about the women who served as codebreakers during World War II. If you recall, I was not impressed with the display dedicated to them in a museum we recently visited, but now we have the book about them! My kids are gonna learn! 

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Election Day 2018

Fresh faces this morning during our sunrise run. We ran up the river and across the bridge to Kentucky and back. I voted via absentee ballot before we traveled, so I won’t get a sticker today.

But you can vote.

It’s your right and your privilege. Vote wisely. Just get out there and freakin’ vote already.

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The Shopping Spree

Junior liked the squishy face mask packets.

Miss C and I went a little crazy at Wal-Mart this afternoon. So much so that we were followed by three associates with walkie-talkies to make sure we didn’t try to escape out the back door with our cart full of cosmetics. I am certain those security folks thought it suspicious as we filled the cart.

“Who needs 60 discount face masks? And 10 compact powders?”

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