The Longest Book

Book shopping with Miss C in October 2018

Question #758What is the longest book you’ve ever read?

In 2011, I checked out the book Les Miserables from our local library in Northern Virginia, not realizing it’s one of the longest novels in history. I mean, clearly, it’s a big book with 513,000 words on 2,783 pages. But since I enjoyed the musical so much, and knew the plot, I figured it was something I could easily follow and read during my bath time soaks.

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My Girls

We‘re essentially detailing the boys‘ room today, cleaning and disinfecting every corner and surface in preparation for Junior’s return home. Really thankful to have Miss C here to help. She made me breakfast this morning, but didn’t have the heart to wake me up for it.

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And So It Goes

It‘s 2:45 am. We‘re trying to wean him off the oxygen, but his levels dropped while he slept and all the machines went off, waking him. He was not happy, to put it mildly.

I could hear the other babies on our floor respond to his howls, and a nurse came in to see if she could help calm him.

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Another Day in the Hospital

Martin reported that they both got decent sleep last night. That was good news when I went to the hospital this morning so that Martin could go to work.

About five minutes after he left for work, the team of doctors returned (of course), and were as cautiously optimistic as you‘d expect from German professionals.

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Proof he is 100 percent my child, of my flesh and blood … he refused to let go of the waffle. REFUSED. The nurse came with a new bag of antibiotics, to plug into his IV port, and the look he gave her as she reached for his hand was HILARIOUS … like, “Ma’am, you are gonna have to work around the breakfast food, sorrynotsorry.”

As he napped, he stirred every few moments to nibble on it with his eyes closed.

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Not Going Anywhere

I slept for a few hours, but I woke up feeling energized at midnight. No surprise: I was supposed to start working an overnight shift this week, and had adjusted my sleep schedule to accommodate.

So I’m putting the energy to use, doing what I do when I feel like I have no control over anything … CLEAN. Sanitizing ALL the things: surfaces, toys, stuffed animals. Laundry. Ironing Martin‘s work suits. Staying busy.

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Sick Boy

Our baby boy is very sick. What seemed to be a typical chest cold very rapidly became something different this morning, and he’s now at the children’s hospital hooked up to oxygen, fluids, and antibiotics.

They’ve ruled out the flu, RSV, and asthma, but it’s obviously a lung infection and we are going to be here for at least a week as they figure out how to get him feeling better. He’s miserable. Meanwhile, my stomach and heart feel clamped in a vice. I birthed such beautiful, strong boys with such big, brave hearts … and sensitive lungs. Ughhhhhh…

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I Didn’t F— It Up

“Tell Julie she didn’t kill any of them.”

That was the message relayed to me from Katherine at Arcadia Farm in Northern Virginia. During my work trip last week, I took a personal day to run some errands and spend a few hours volunteering with my friend and sister veteran, Jenn, at this farm located on property once owned by George Washington.

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Guitar Lessons

She brings me my guitar last night, and goes, ”Mom, will you teach me again how to play the guitar?“

Me: ”Of course! It’s been awhile, but let me see…“

I take it from her, tune it, and start playing the intro to ”Hey, Joe“ by Jimi Hendrix.

She watches, smiles, and says, ”I bet this really gets the boys‘ attention.“

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