Coursework Housework

I will literally find ANYTHING else to do other than actually participating in my course discussions, which are due this evening. Our bathroom is now spotless, and I’m pretty sure I can get the laundry done while also commenting on others’ vacation photos and cat videos for another hour. Ughhhhhhhh…

[Several hours later…]

I just got done with ’em. Had to take a 20-min break between each post because it’s draining feigning interest in other people’s forced conversations. 

Special Guest

This photo was taken the day we said “auf weidersehen” to my mother a few weeks before we moved to Germany in late 2014. Despite constant check-ins via Skype, Facebook, and messages over the years, I know she’s going to have a heart attack when she sees how big the kids have grown since that day.

And of course, Junior’s ready to meet his Nona! See you soon!

Halloween in Germany

Ready for some trick-or-treating!

We went trick-or-treating on the American military base this year. I was traveling for work last year, so this year was the first time we all went out together for trick-or-treating in Germany. The tradition is slooooooowly catching on in neighborhoods around the country, but for the most part, it remains an American holiday. Hence: going on base where the families living there go all out to create a really fun event for the kids.

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Friends Forever

Our friend Lia snapped this photo last night after we had dinner with her family. Lia was first my father’s friend through their professional network. When I got assigned to Aviano, she became our friend, as well as my own work colleague as we worked right down the hall from each other. She also stepped up as our “honorary Italian grandma” during my pregnancy with Miss C. She adored our baby girl, and took care of us right up until we left for our next assignment in Washington DC. Continue reading

Mom Life

Photo from 2012 with the birthday girl. (That party’s for her!)

I’m spending my Saturday night prepping for a birthday party, sipping on glühwein and watching “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

Christmas Memories

These two were chattering up a storm last night as they recognized and remembered the ornaments from years past. I think this is the first year they both can recall such memories without my input. Makes me smile that they, too, are so sentimental.

Winning Today

Today, I was approached and hugged by two friends/colleagues at lunch, my sister wrote that she already got me a Christmas gift, three people (not including Ashley, because thats daily-ha!) asked me for resume/job advice, and Martin is making a fave dinner dish for me.

Pretty sure that means I’m winning.

Singing in the Office

From Halloween

Nope. I refuse to feel awkward about Ashley the Intern storming into my office while I’m wearing my earbuds, singing along with the Cranberries with my eyes closed. You assume all risks opening that door at the end of a work day, ma’am.