TBT: Fourth of July

Throwback to our last July 4th in the United States. Look at those little peanuts! They were heading out to the county parade, decked out in red, white, and blue. (And stitches for Miss C, ha!) We won’t be making it to the base for festivities this year, but we look forward to introducing Junior to our great American holiday next year!

That First Day in Germany


It should surprise nobody that I carried my external hard drives during our journey. That’s why I’m able to pull up this photo taken more than 15 years ago, my first day in Germany EVER as a foreign exchange student. It’s not Throwback Thursday yet, but you’re just gonna have to tolerate this flood of memories as they come back to me. Continue reading

We Made it to Germany

We had the back of the plane all to ourselves! We are the last two rows of three before the three-three-three rows start. Sort of like first-class, but in reverse. 😉 Comfy, excited, thrilled, exhausted, happy, amazed, and ready!


We are finally at our hotel here in Stuttgart after such an adventure! Our 25-minute flight from Frankfurt was delayed by 50 minutes, only 8 of our 17 bags arrived to Stuttgart, and after the hour it took to file those claims, we arrived at the car rental place to learn they gave away our reserved minivan because we were two hours late to pick it up. Yikes!!

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Up, Up, and Away

I’m typing this at the airport, waiting with the rest of the family to board the plane that’s going to carry us across the ocean to our new life in Germany. It’s funny: even though we’ve been working/hoping/wishing for this day for more than a year now, it’s really hard to believe it’s actually happening now.

While it’s been so crazy chaotic the past 24 hours, I’ve been peeking at my cell phone throughout the day, taking advantage of my final hours with this particular phone service. I’ve become verklempt many times over as I’ve read the sweetest notes, posts, and texts of encouragement from so many friends and family members. I’ve shared them with Martin, read them aloud to the kids. We appreciate all of it so much.

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Painting. Painting. And more painting.


We’ve been living in a hotel for more than a week. It feels like we’ve been here much longer than that, though. It’s all been a blur. We checked into the hotel the day the movers drove off with all our belongings. The next day, we enjoyed a nice day of swimming in the hotel pool and visiting with friends, but Martin and the younger two were feeling a bit under the weather.

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Paint Work on Christmas Eve

The man is a machine. German-engineering at its finest.

We got the estimate two days ago for how much it will cost to have folks come in and paint our house. Though feverish and helpless in our hotel room, Martin took one look, raised his fists, and defiantly yelled, “NOOOOOOOO! We will paint the house OURSELVES!!” Continue reading

Moving Day


Right now, I’m sitting on my sofa, watching television with Jaz while nearly a dozen men move our belongings from the house to these crates on two flatbed trucks. In a matter of hours, this sofa will be carried off, the television disconnected, and my house will be entirely empty. All of our stuff will be loaded onto two trucks and shipped away to Germany by the end of the day. Crazy!

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TBT: Moving Day

I’m posting these four photos for #TBT. They came to mind when my kids were helping me get ready for the movers.

I remember when my dad Larry took these photos of my sisters and me in the fall of 1987. We spent most of that afternoon in those boxes making a train, building towers, not packing whatsoever for our move from Erlanger to Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

I was in the first grade, and we moved in the middle of the school year.

I was Lola’s age here.

So funny how I remember that time so vividly, but can’t remember where I packed my make-up bag yesterday…