Teen Martin

Found this photo of my husband while unpacking. He was probably 13 or 14 years old here.

And I’m stating the obvious when I say my oldest is simply his mini-me…

Miss C just genuinely asked, “Did you Photoshop my face on his photo? That’s my face.” I told her it’s one of the best tricks in nature, daughters who look just like their fathers, but are somehow way more adorable.

I can practically hear “Ace of Base” playing in the background of this photo.

The Reason I Never Throw Anything Out

There was a time when I was organized enough to have Miss C make her Valentine’s Day cards ahead of time. This was from 2008.

Woke up at 3:30 a.m. in a cold sweat because I forgot about Lola’s classroom Valentine’s Day party today.

She needs a decorated bag and cards for her 19 classmates.

Fortunately, I once labeled a small storage container “Blank Valentine’s Day and Anniversary cards” and filled it with random cards and stationery.

I found 17 perforated cards with a tropical/surfer theme dated from 1996 (“Hang 10 with me, Valentine!”) and two handmade cards with trucks on them (“Loads of Love!”) she can give to whoever she deems her two bestest friends. There’s a leftover gift bag now covered with her name and doodles, too.
Best part? I can go back to sleep feeling validated for hardly throwing anything out …

This photo is from last year, but depicts how I feel during times like these…

TBT: Adorable

I’m pretty sure today’s #TBT photo of my sisters and me is from 1989, but it’s hard to be sure. After all, being adorable never goes out of style.

TBT: New Years Eve

Today’s #TBT photo is from December 31, 2012, when everyone in my family crashed well before midnight back in Northern Virginia, and I welcomed the new year all by myself. I wasn’t even sad about it: more bubbly for ME! This year, we’re celebrating with family here in Germany, and they go ALL OUT.

I doubt anyone will be able to fall asleep this time.

TBT: Christmas Angel

Today’s #TBT photo is proof that Christmas tinsel can make even the most precocious child appear angelic. This photo was taken with my sisters Jill and Jinger in December 1987 after my stellar performance in the annual Christmas pageant at my Catholic elementary school in Northern Kentucky.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Back Up

Photo with my crazy kids from July 2015.


I swear, these people at work know exactly how to drive up my anxiety.

“So, the power may go out in the building at some point in the next hour. We don’t know when exactly, or if it’ll even happen, and it shouldn’t fry your computer, but whatever you are working on, just be sure it’s saved, okay?”