Checking In

Another check-up, and another peek at Fest Baby and the clinic’s retro floral wallpaper.🌼

All continues to go well, and in fact, I heard something I NEVER heard from my American doctors, or really, EVER in my life: “Your weight gain is perfect.”

Ha! I am enjoying THAT!

We’ve been asked about the baby’s gender. Martin and I decided that we’re not going to find out this time. It’s driving me nuts, but this kid was SUCH a surprise (and since we have our girls and boy), we’re going to keep the momentum going until Fest Baby arrives. Martin wasn’t able to attend this check-up, and I admit it was VERY hard to decline when the doc offered to take a peek and make a guess.

But on the other hand, I like that this baby is such an enigma, and will remain as such until its arrival. As long as we know it’s healthy, that’s all we need to know. 🙂




Last night was Martin’s first Michelin-star dining experience, so we couldn’t take things too seriously!

The West House in Kent is run by a former musician who played for a bunch of ’80s bands. Now he prepares delicious foie gras tacos and haddock and egg yolk tarts! Continue reading

Traveling Pair

Apparently, there’s fog in London. Can you imagine that?!

Martin and I escaped to the United Kingdom for a New Years vacation, just the two of us. It got off to a hectic start. We sat out on the flightline in Germany for more than 90 minutes due to a weather delay.

Usually I prefer the window seat, but he switched with me so I could stand in the aisle awhile. Continue reading

That Crane Kick Action

From earlier this month, when I was barely showing.

The family was standing around in the kitchen Christmas Eve, chatting about the holiday and munching on chips and homemade guacamole when FestBaby startled me with what I can only describe as thee fiercest leg action since Daniel-san’s crane kick in the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament.

Such a nice milestone to experience on Christmas Eve. I can’t wait to feel more of those!

Wynter is Here

In the span of three months, Martin started his job which requires him to travel for weeks at a time, the kids’ music lessons and social lives took off, I completed six college classes while working full time and dealing with all that first trimester fun, on top of the normal household chaos that included a broken dryer the housing folks refused to repair for 10 weeks. (They finally caved and replaced it!)

Just as I was about to lose my sanity, THIS girl arrived.

Continue reading

Tante Mali

Tante Mali visited us this weekend! We ordered pizza, played the piano, looked at photos, and enjoyed catching up with each other. She’s been busy this year, working with refugees from all over the world, teaching German as they settle here in Germany.