See You Next Time, America!

We made it to our gate! Martin, Miss C, and I feel like pack mules, but fortunately, the check-in lady politely whistled and winked when two of our bags were slightly (slightly!) over the limit, and sent them on their way with no fuss. Whew!!!

THANK YOU to everyone who welcomed us, who hosted us, who loved on us, and who made this trip so incredible. And there are soooo many more we weren’t able to see and visit, but who reached out to us nevertheless. There is never enough time, but we leave here with so many great memories. We appreciate all the love and support, and can’t wait until our paths cross again. Goodbye, America!

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Game Face

My girls and I rode the double-loop coaster. Lola wanted to go, but sobbed while waiting in line, and all the way up the first hill. Both Miss C and I were adamant…we didn’t have to go.

And for a split second, I thought Lola was going to step thru the seat, and wait on the other side, but nope! Continue reading