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DODLive – Martin goes to Training – Julie guest-blogged on the Department of Defense’s official blog about Martin’s basic military training experience.

CNN- Former troops say time has come for women in combat units – As a female veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, Julie gave her thoughts again to Secretary Panetta’s recent lift of the ban on women in combat, this time to CNN.

NBC News – Yes! Young Female Veterans Celebrate New Era for Women in Combat – Julie gave her thoughts to Secretary Panetta’s recent lift of the ban on women in combat.

NBC News – Thousands of Female Veterans Are Coming Home: Is The US Ready to Welcome Them?

Julie was interviewed by Bill Briggs of NBC News regarding female veterans and society’s awareness of them.

Dad of – Dads in the Limelight  

Martin was interviewed by the Dad of Divas, answering questions about fatherhood and blogging.

Martin and I were interviewed for the website Pocket Cultures, talking about our German-American family and lifestyle here in the United States.
Julie was interviewed about how her deployment changed the way our family celebrated Independence Day.
Martin was interviewed and featured in an article about stay-at-home dads and dealing with others’ perceptions, which was printed and published around the globe over the Father’s Day weekend.
Julie was interviewed by renown licensed psychologist Dr. Suzanne Phillips about being a military mother and the things she did for her family before, during, and after her deployment. 

Time Dog’s Review of Julie and Martin
Go ahead and call us biased, but we think they are spot-on. Thanks for the thumbs-up, you guys!
Jaz and I were featured on the Feb. 1, 2012 episode of “The Revolution.” I got a makeover by Tim Gunn in the fashion segment, and worked out with Harley Pasternak in the fitness segment. (Post edit – ABC no longer has the episodes online.)
This site, dedicated to military families, featured us in an article regarding New Years resolutions.
The U.S. Air Force Reserve Command recognized our Parents Magazine Readers Choice award, and allowed us to thank our many Air Force/military supporters.
We earned the Readers Choice – Best All-Around Mom Blog award during the Parents Magazine Best Blog Contest. As my instructor at basic training would say, “Out-frickin’-standing.”
Julie was interviewed HERE about how the family prepared and weathered Hurricane Irene when it hit the East Coast. The Daily Elk Citian is the major newspaper where her mother lives in Oklahoma, and they wanted to interview those on the East Coast with a “local” connection regarding the hurricane.
Martin and I were interviewed for the blog Army Wives Lives. Specifically, we talked about Martin’s not-so-traditional role as the military spouse and how blogging’s helped us as a military family.

I Am Modern magazine – Summer 2010

I entered the magazine’s online writing contest, telling the story of how Martin and I fell in love. We not only won a free dinner in a fabulous French restaurant in DC, but the editors decided to actually feature us in their Summer edition, too. You can read the article HERE.

The DCoE Blog – April 2010

I was featured as a guest blogger for the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury’s blog, describing an incident I experienced upon my return home from my deployment. You can read the entry HERE.

Air Force Media Interview – Summer 2009

The U.S Air Force produced a video detailing the importance of social networking and blogging within the military and used this blog as a success story, highlighting my time while deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Air Force Museum – May 2, 2008

Julie was interviewed when some of her photography from Afghanistan was featured in the “On the Other Side of the Lens…Military Photographers in Action” display at the U.S Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.

WUSA Channel 9 News – Feb. 14, 2008

Martin and I were interviewed as a military couple celebrating Valentine’s Day at a local spa.

The Northern Kentucky Enquirer – October 6, 2007

I was featured in an article about my surprise visit to a high school student at my alma mater who had written to me during my deployment to the Middle East. She wasn’t expecting me, so it was really cute to randomly pop into her class and personally thank you for the kind letters and care packages.

The Cincinnati Enquirer – February 14, 2002

Martin and I were featured on the front page of my hometown newspaper as a military love story following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. You can read the article HERE.

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