Got a Hat?

It’s cold out there!

And Miss C wanted to go play in the snow in the front yard. I agreed, but on the condition that she bundle up. Then I offered my assistance by pulling out every piece of winter gear we have in our hallway closet.

THEN I made her put on the majority of it. Including multiple hats.

What can I say? I want my kid to be warm.

The Nativity Scene

My grandmother Mary Jean sent us this Nativity Scene a few years ago. She is very crafty, especially with wood work, and I am willing to say that about 90% of our Christmas decorations came from her. Miss C really loves this Nativity Scene. She loves playing with it, rearranging the Baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph and the Wise Men. There’s a Shepherd, too, and all the animals. And those bales of hay are made with REAL hay, too.

Hot chocolate

Is there anything more delightful than a mug of hot, melted chocolate and marshmallows after playing in the snow?? Miss C and I are both suckers for this wintery beverage. I use one bar of Hershey’s milk chocolate per mug, melting it completely before adding skim milk. It’s then stirred into a smooth, drinkable consistency before adding the marshmallows. Yum!!

Room for Improvement

I wanted to record this moment. This disaster zone that is incredibly dangerous for small children and animals. There is a lot of potential here, though.

It’s the room in our basement. It was Miss C’s playroom, where she could spend hours playing with her dolls and train set and wreck havoc without it creeping into other areas of the house. Even then, I did my best to keep it all organized in cute little colorful buckets.

But now that Miss C is in school, the room isn’t being used very often. And Lola is too little to play by herself and most of her toys are in our family room anyway. I decided I would divide the toys (and get rid of a bunch without being noticed, hopefully) and transplant them to the girls bedrooms.

So last night, Martin and I moved the shelving unit into our laundry room, where it will hold boxes of holiday decorations and other odds-and-ends.

Which leaves me with a former basement playroom filled with toys, books and junk since I’m also going through ALL the boxes that were in those closets now. I’m purging a lot of stuff and posting lots on Freecycle.

Eventually, my goal is to turn this into a really nice guest bedroom. Up until now, our guests were put in Miss C’s room since she has a big, wooden bunk bed that can sleep three people. It worked, but I’ve had visions for this guest room for years.

Now, I’m finally doing it. And you know, once I make up my mind to do something, I don’t stop until it is done. Which means this mess will be gone soon. And my walls will be painted. And everything will be in order. Soon.

Until then, it’s a work in progress. A danger zone. Enter at your own risk.


This is Lola’s bookshelf in her room. For now, the books remain on the top shelves, out of her reach so she doesn’t tear them up. During bedtime, though, we pull out our favorites and read them and learn them by heart.

The Berlin Wall

Miss C, Lola, Martin and I went to the local German Christmas Market with friends this evening. The Germany Army has its headquarters in Fairfax County and every holiday season, they host a market similar to those in Germany. It was really neat to see so many German military uniforms again, and to smell the bratwurst and beer being served. We heard that familiar German accent, too! A piece of the Berlin Wall is on display in front of the German headquarters building, so we got a photo in front of it.

Silly Girls

We love our PhotoBooth.

It’s a program on our computers that turns the built-in webcam into a photo booth, complete with a 3-2-1 countdown and bright flash.

The girls LOVE this feature and entertain themselves with it all the time. There are different settings, too, and this quadruple-frame photo is one of them. The whole thing is a win-win situation. They get to be silly. I get lots of photos.