Normal again, sort of

He’s probably grumpy because his 30th birthday is seven years away.

Life is normal again, but only in the sense that nothing major is happening at this moment. (Ha! I bet I just jinxed myself!)

Seriously, though, all is the same; security is still tight, I’m working on the newspaper again and my apartment is a mess, since I’m really only there to eat, sleep and bathe.

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I did not have to work this weekend.

So I invited one of my co-worker’s 12-year-old daughter, Sarah, to spend the night Friday. Darlene had been saying how Sarah’s been pretty stressed out lately, and I thought both her and I could have some much-needed fun.

Funny enough, I had invited to take Sarah out to lunch and shopping Sept. 11, before all this happened, but due to the circumstances, we weren’t able to do anything. But this Friday, we did.

We stayed at my apartment and watched movies, baked brownies, cookies and banana bread, painted our toenails…it was pretty cool. I also gave Sarah a journal and told her to start writing in it. I also showed her the journals I had from when I was 14. It was pretty interesting to read all those entries again, and to think of how much has changed since that time.

The next day, after I returned Sarah to her home, I drove the three hours to Martin’s house, despite the reluctance from my office chief.

The whole area is still pretty uptight about travel, with good reason, but they weren’t prohibiting it, and besides, I had a bridesmaid dress to deliver and damn it, terrorists and fear were NOT going to stop me from seeing Martin and his family again.

Unfortunately, though, I didn’t realize how on-edge I was….at one point during my drive, I noticed this single-engine plane going straight down onto the highway. There was nothing but trees and a gas station on my left, but my body instantly exploded with nerves and I slowed down, just waiting for this plane to slam into the gas station, it was THAT low. But what I didn’t know was there is an airport behind those trees and the guy was just landing. But it did give me a good scare. I called Martin immediately on my cell phone, just to calm down. Looking back, I realize how stupid my reaction was.

Targeting a gas station on the side of a highway is a waste of time and energy and wouldn’t ‘say’ anything to the world. But the fact that I DID have that reaction made me realize that I needed to reassess how I really felt about all this.

And after my weekend, which was so full of fun and good moments, I decided that I’m not going to keep this anxiety with me. It’s not going to be easy, but it is getting better.

Not Really Sleeping

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already.

I’m still working the night shift around here, so I’m still battling the sleepiness, the jitteriness (from the coffee and sugar) and the weariness of not knowing what lies ahead, but knowing its going to be big.

Martin drove to me this weekend and I was so happy to see him. He has been such a big help. I hate to say it, but I’m asleep most of the time, yet he’s cleaned my apartment, cooked me food and fixed my car. (The battery was dead, so he fixed it.) I couldn’t ask for a better person in my life. I just wish that he could stay near me, and me likewise, but since we’re both in the military, we can not be together.
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So Tired

I am so tired.

I mean, I am staring at this computer screen, but not really seeing it. So pardon any and every mistake. I’ve been up over 48 with three hours sleep.

Martin and I were finally able to contact each other. He was out on the field with his soldiers when he began hearing bits and pieces of what was happening. Everyone he works with, and his family, were calling him and asking, “Isn’t Julie in the Air Force? How and where is she?” He tried to call, but couldn’t get through the lines, and was very anxious and nervous. “I was a bit rude to my soldiers when they kept asking me about America. I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know where you are. All I hear is bad stuff,” he said. Continue reading


Two entries today.

Tragedy has struck America and Americans today.

As a U.S. servicemember, I am still at work at Ramstein Air Base, since all U.S. military installations are under strict security, and my office is responsible for alerting all the Americans in this area. I can not describe the feeling of helplessness I experienced today as things unfolded on the television screen.
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More Tickets Purchased

Well, 14 people have purchased their tickets and are anxiously awaiting for the FedEx person to bring them to their door.

We are even more dedicated to coming up with activities that will truly provide for our guests a fun and memorable trip to Germany, now that we know who exactly is coming, and what interests them.

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