My Old Girl

I’m home again, and so is my sweet old girl. She was asleep when I got there, but when I said her name, she lifted her head and gave me this look, and then thumped her tail . Both glad to be in our own spaces again. Thanks to Onkel Christian and the girls for keeping her for us. Just as I do coming back from the States, she looks well-fed. 

Patches Houdini

Patches der Hund pulled a Houdini and disappeared on us yesterday. Within hours of us frantically searching for her, calling the police/vet/regional animal shelter, and printing out fliers with her picture, we got an email from the animal shelter the next county over. She was safe with them! Martin picked her up this morning, and learned of her escapade.

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Faithful Friend

My faithful friend, Patches der Hund, soaking up the sunshine in the peace and quiet. The others are back up on the slopes today. We, on the other hand, embrace the fact we’re both a little older, slower, and carrying some extra weight these days. Taking it easy is the way to go. She gets me.

Mouse Drama

There was complete MAYHEM in my house the past few days. It started when Martin went to get something in the car Sunday night, left the front door open, and our cat Kiwi bolted inside with a live mouse she dropped at Miss C’s feet … which went over well … as you can imagine.

Screaming. Chaos. More screaming. Tossed furniture. Tears. Doors slamming. Someone has a broom. Another has the vacuum. More screaming as the mouse ran and dropped down into the basement from the first floor landing.

Meanwhile, Kiwi was perched on the staircase, watching like a proud lion king over the land.

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