This Baby Love

He just loves a good goodnight hug!

This is the red heart pillow sold at IKEA. (And no, I don’t get paid to tell you that.) A few weeks ago, I was looking for a pillow to prop him up as I got dressed, and realized if I flipped the pillow upside down, and put him between the two “valves”, he would get enough support to keep an eye on things. Continue reading


He’s completely out of newborn sizes, and check out that head balance!!!

Meanwhile, my oldest came in and yelled at me because I allowed The Middles to eat birthday cake for breakfast. Dang, they grow up so fast!


After days (weeks? months?) of being on the go, we all kept it pretty low-key today and stayed home in our pajamas. Mostly to catch up on laundry, but still…I did subject the baby to a bunch of selfies and doodles, though. I mean, LOOK at that face!!!!


Sweet Smile

He flashed me a — no kidding — big, toothless, eye-crinkling smile as I talked to him just now. I grabbed the camera and asked for another, but got this knowing little expression instead.

Just the beginning of a lifetime of smiles and joy for him, I hope. Such a gift to see this little human’s personality emerge more and more each day.