My Two Leos

On her birthday, her favorite restaurant was sold out of cake, and only had strudel and a torch candle that barely stayed on top of it. (That was hilarious. Grandpa is lucky he still has eyebrows.)

On his birthday at an amusement park, none of the bakeries, patisserie, or food places had cake at all. We had fun and definitely celebrated them accordingly, but it just didn’t feel right without cake!

So today, I caved and bought them a sheet cake from the American commissary.

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The Hospital Stay

Snuggling with my baby boy.

Of all our children’s deliveries, this last one was the fastest. It’s a reason we dubbed it “violently efficient.” Those German doctors were in and out so fast. After we were introduced to our son, Martin stepped away with Nurse Charlotte to make his identification bracelet, which was simply our last name spelled out in tiny beads. By the time they were done and stepping back into the hallway, I was being wheeled out of surgery, which, based on what we captured on video, took less than 35 minutes total.

After a quick photo, I was sent to the recovery room while Martin and the baby went to another room so the baby’s measurements could be taken, and Martin could fill out the birth certificate paperwork. I was given additional pain medication through my IV, and I did my best to relax. It felt good to rest, especially since I hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before.

Eventually, Martin arrived with the baby, and promptly showed me the paperwork which revealed our son’s name. 

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The Arrival

One last photo as a family of five. Plus Kiwi the Cat.


Last Monday morning moved along like any other. One by one, the kids got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and left the house to catch the bus for school, giving us hugs and kisses before they said good-bye as if it were like any other day.

But of course, it wasn’t like any other ordinary day because we were scheduled to deliver our fourth child just a few hours later.

And that’s definitely not ordinary.

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This is 36

So this is me now. This is 36.

Once again, I was spoiled in celebration of my birth, although everything was much more subdued compared to last year’s “Best Weekend Ever.”

When I woke up, the kids brought me breakfast in bed. Miss C and our nanny Wynter lovingly prepared a diabetic-friendly breakfast tray of eggs and toast, beautifully granished with flowers from our garden. There was a birthday card, too, full of messages from everyone in our house. Continue reading

Birthday Boy

It’s Martin’s birthday!!!!

I took him to dinner to a restaurant that overlooks Stuttgart and the Schlossplatz. We got the tasting menu, which included a Thai coconut soup that rocked our world.

He’s like fine wine, yes?!?

Happy Birthday Day, Jill

It’s raining like crazy over here in Germany this morning, reminding me of this photo from when we were kids. Somehow, we survived our ’80s childhood and are now both moms in our 30s … only she’s a legit crimefighter and badass who has dedicated her life to serving and protecting others. I’m so proud of her.