I went to water the Christmas tree and saw that my sweet boy put out the gifts he made for his siblings. This is the toy airplane he made for his baby brother, modelled after the airliners we flew last month. I am certain Santa will make sure it is front and center with a bow, and maybe even a cockpit and tail, on Christmas morning. I love that kid’s heart and creativity.

Christmas Cake

A friend needed a Christmas gift cake for a party. And gluten-free!! I tested out the recipe with the kids, and they ate it up.  So here it is. Completely edible, too! It’s a gluten-free version of my chocolate cake and vanilla cream cheese frosting with vanilla and cherry fondant.

According to my friend, this cake was a SUCCESS.

Our Night with Krampus

We kicked off the festive holiday season with whips, chains, and snarling beasts, as one does in Salzburg, Austria during the annual Krampus parade. Krampus is a crazed goat demon who travels with St. Nick.

While the passive and polite saint hands out candy and gifts, Krampus sniffs out the bad children, the ones who misbehave, and whips, manhandles, and terrorizes them. Needless to say, a few made a beeline to yours truly.

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