Assholes & Coffee

Having a rough day? Me, too. In fact, after two days of being on the receiving end of others’ rants, random criticisms, and good, ol’ fashioned rude behavior, I just pre-paid for a bunch of strangers’ coffee. I’ve found that random acts of kindness are really great for scraping other people’s word-vomit off my soul.

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Coffee Love

We are drowning in paperwork and signatures and appointments. The family who lived in the new house left the country and a house full of junk, waiting until the last DAY to get it removed, meaning we do not get a head start on cleaning and painting after all.

I’m about to play hostess to more than two dozen relatives for Thanksgiving and Martin sent this coffee in with my daughter just before our hair appointment last night.

So I guess that means everything is gonna be alright.

The Missing Message

Another night class last night. Another coffee from my hubby. But no message this time, probably because I was right there when he ordered it, and it would have been silly for him to dictate a message about the person standing next to him. But still…

True Story

My morning drink today.


We wrapped up the weekend yesterday reading “Charlotte’s Web” with Martin out on the balcony before Jaz and Lola’s bedtime.

Let’s hope it stays pleasant enough to do that each night until we’re done with the book!


It’s that time of year again.

Mortimer is a hit with the neighborhood kids.

Coffee Date

Clearly not an early morning photo…

The idea came about one cold January evening: work ran late, I missed dinner with the family, and I barely made it home in time to see the kids awake. They were already scrubbed and tucked into their beds, books read, lights off as I breezed into their rooms, floating on guilt and disappointment for having missed out on spending time with them.

I wasn’t the only one bummed out.

“I really wanted to show you all the pages I can read now,” said Lola.

I had no immediate response. I really wanted to listen to her read to me, too.

But it was late.

And a school night.

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Coffee Bar

I no longer have a candy dish at work. I have a coffee bar with four fun creamer flavors.

The coworkers I like are free to help themselves to this! The ones I don’t, 50 cents per creamer. 😉


My giant coffee mug was originally a fruit bouquet holder. Very practical. I think all bouquets should come in coffee mugs. Vases are so useless.


Martin and I woke up this morning not by the sound of our alarm clock, but of the monsoon blasting buckets of water at our windows. For a moment, I actually thought I was in a car wash.

Proof again that DC can’t do anything mildly, not even spring showers.

It was so loud!!! The wind wasn’t even that bad. It was just the intensity of the downpour. Fortunately, it’ll calm down before too long. I feel for those who left vehicle windows open.