From this morning’s commute. My kids’ hats crack me up.

My dad once mentioned how he misses looking in the rear view mirror and seeing us girls, our hair bows and pigtails, in our car seats, and how that changed as we grew. Gotta capture these memories now while I can! Continue reading

Carpool Buddies

My carpool buddies this morning.

When Lola found out I am returning to work, she said, “I’m not going to be sad, but I love you and gonna miss you.”

Miss C was more candid.

“Thank God, Mom. I’m tired of worrying about our bills.”



Martin and me in June


In the midst of the birthdays here at home, there’s another date on the calendar I observed.

Last week, it was nine months since the miscarriage.

I knew this was coming for two reasons. One, I think all women are born with this innate sense of time and calendars, and I don’t think an experience like that is one that just gets put aside in the memory bank and forgotten. I haven’t dwelled on it, but I took note.

Two, I had my annual doctor’s appointment earlier this month. It was the first time I met my new doctor: the doctor who went through that whole experience with me in December moved away, and I was assigned a new one. This meant reviewing my medical history with him, and acknowledging that there have been four pregnancies, yet three kids.

He was kind and thoughtful, and wanted to know how I was doing about it.

And I could honestly tell him that things are good.

Things are actually pretty amazing.

That blip in December seems like a lifetime ago.

But I would be lying if I said I haven’t wondered what life would look like if things went differently back then. It doesn’t make me sad or anything. It just makes me pause and reflect. And as I’ve connected with others who’ve experienced the same thing, I know I’m not the only one who has noted the passage of time, and wondered, too.

If anything, it makes me simply grateful. Grateful that I have my health, that I have my children, and my husband, all here with me, and we have so many awesome things ahead of us.

And that’s something I note every day. ūüôā


I’m still in awe with the amount of compassion and kindness that surrounded us during that time. I wrote about it HERE.


My son was reading up on possible 2016 presidential candidates after picking me up from the subway station. Definitely a child of the DC area.  He is preparing himself for all kinds of political surprises. 

I couldn’t get home fast enough today:¬†Martin made grilled chicken with avocado pineapple salsa for dinner. The damn subway train was so slow.

In other news, it was humid and went¬†up into the 80s today, but I wore¬†a heavy sweater because it is freezing in my office. Happy Wednesday to me. To keep my circulation from freezing in that air conditioning, I¬†raised my computer screens/work station to standing mode because I want to sway all bored-like to¬†the Pet Shop Boys.¬†I have an office with a door! Granted, there’s a window pane coworkers can walk past and look inside, but yeah … I was jamming. No shame.

Related: I identified a random ’80s earworm!!! Meaning: I found it online using the one line I could remember, and added the song to iTunes. It’s the little things. It’s British 80s pop, the song “We’re Only Human After All.” It was stuck in my head all day. I don’t know where I overheard it, but it wasn’t going anywhere.

Anyway, I play the music¬†to help deal with the rage that comes in to the official email and websites.¬†Even though I know it’s just people venting and it’s absolutely nothing personal, I still feel like I should be issued a suit of armour sometimes when reading some of these emails sent to our site/campaign inboxes.

And so it goes.

Ah, Humidity

Walking into the subway car this evening was like stepping into a sweaty sauna room that has NO ventilation. Seriously feels like I can cut the humidity into a cube, it is so dense. Blech!!!

I considered standing the whole way when I saw the first few plastic seats had sweaty butt prints. I remembered, though, I had a newspaper page folded in my purse. I didn’t want to finish the crossword puzzle anyway.

Commute Observation

A cutie on the commute from last month.

OMG – the tourists! The confused families! The teens! The pretentious college hipsters in big glasses comparing the Metro system to Nietzsche!! (Not even joking.That just happened.)

I LOVE MY COMMUTE … especially during the July 4th holiday.

One For the Books

Photo from last month.

This one was for the books: I drove all the way into work today only to be turned around all over south DC as traffic jammed because a gas leak had my building (and others around) evacuated, a Metro stop closed, and about four city blocks shut down due to a natural gas leak.

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People say I’m a little enthusiastic, too…


I had a call yesterday that was pretty standard business, but I could tell that the person I was talking to really cares about her work, and while she certainly wasn’t overly excited or chatty, her enthusiasm and professionalism just radiated … even through the phone.

It’s always so cool to collaborate with someone like that.

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