Daughter of Mine

Snapped this photo with my girl during dinner tonight, and couldn’t help, but think how grown up she is now.

Her humor, her sense of adventure, her helpfulness, and her ability to see the positive side of things…I hope she knows that no matter how old she gets, no matter how old **I** get, no matter where she goes in the world, I will always be happiest when she is around. Continue reading

The Dance

My sweet girl went to her first formal dance last week. Her middle school organized it as a last special event for the eighth graders before they all head off to high school.

Since we’re putting all three kids into the German school system beginning next year, this may be the only opportunity for Miss C to attend a formal dance. So, we allowed her to invite a friend — a fellow American who lives in our village — as her date.  Continue reading

Monday Fashion

On Mondays, we wear red, purple, and denim.

Because we wear pink on Wednesdays. (Ha, ha!)

I got an earlier-than-normal start to my day today, which meant syncing up with my oldest as she got ready for school. It was fun having a sounding board to chat hair, clothes, and make-up!

She’s at the right height and size to start wearing some of my smaller clothes now … obviously the ones that do not fit me at the moment. This happens unintentionally sometimes. Her Dad gets confused because everything looks the same to him now. So, her items end up in my closet, and my items end up in hers ALL THE TIME.

As life speeds up and gets crazier, I’m thankful for these moments with my kiddo.

Tween Life

My neighbor and I both have tween girls in middle school, and yesterday’s “driveway huddle” reminded me so much of these SNL characters!

Our conversation went like …

“I love, love, LOVE my daughter! Seriously, she is THE BEST! … But sometimes?”

*drops voice to whisper*

“Sometimes, she can be, like, really annoying, and I’m like, are you seriously my daughter right now?”



This Girl

I always ask the girls about their school days. Usually, I don’t have to pry for information, as the girls are pretty forthcoming about their friends and schoolwork, but over the past week or so, Lola’s answers have grown more cryptic. Not in an alarming way, but I sensed some hesitation.

Continue reading

The Sleepover Gang

May 2, 2014, 5:30 p.m. – At the moment there is one dog, two cats, one two-year-old, one five-year-old, three 10-year-olds (with one more 10-year-old on the way over) and a “pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows” song on repeat over the speakers. Tonight, my oldest is hosting her first big slumber party. And I admit, I’ve abandoned Martin. I’m locked in my bedroom with my laptop under the guise of finishing my telework report for the day, but the truth?

I may not leave this space … Continue reading

The Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth

My girl lost her first tooth yesterday. My birthday was wrapping up, and as the girls were getting ready for bed, Lola came up to me, grinning ear to ear about something. For whatever reason, that’s when I noticed her lower tooth looked a little … different.

I knew it was loose, but only mildly so. Unlike her older sister, who actively attempted to lose her teeth once she learned about the Tooth Fairy, my Lola seemed to be pretty nonchalant about it. When I asked if I could check her tooth, she obliged, not really thinking anything of it. Continue reading

Good Life: Reminisce About the Good Old Days, But Look With Optimism to the Future

My young lady.


Both my girls love to hear about the time when they were babies.

Lola likes to hear how the doctor was squishing her cheeks when he lifted her over the curtain to show her off to us. Miss C cracks up when I tell her she sounded like a little dinosaur when she was hungry. Or I share the horror stories from their toddlerhood, about epic messes at the dining table or hilarious anecdotes of them outsmarting Martin and me in their quests for independence.

They love hearing about a time they can’t remember.

I love talking about a time that seems like only yesterday. Continue reading