Quick Trip to DC

I was sent to Washington DC for a short-notice two-day training session that left me with very little down time, but I managed to catch up with these ladies … and a strawberry margarita.

I will forever be grateful for having the kind of friends who will drop everything and change their plans, and even travel more than an hour (my friend Stacey!!!) just to spend some time with me.

I wish I could have stayed longer and visit with so many of you…definitely next time!

Enjoying breakfast and the view at the Gorgeous Kitchen in Heathrow Airport.

Just a few more hours till I’m home!!

Flashback Friday: The All-American Waldo Shirt

Oh, my goodness! Baby Jaz was such a little cutie!

[dropcap style=”color: #9b9b9b;”]I[/dropcap]t’s a holiday weekend this weekend! 

As we all prepare to celebrate America’s Independence Day over here in Germany, I’m sharing my post about the holiday from 2012. That was the year we all went into downtown DC, and I wore a Where’s Waldo shirt.

See if you can spot me in today’s Flashback Friday by reading all about it HERE.

Julie Rocked the House

Can you find me? Screenshot of the episode scene.

It all started with a Facebook post. 

There was a news article about a casting call for extras for a very popular television political drama filmed in our area. I posted the link, and on a whim, suggested I would do it if others did it with me, even though I never watched a single episode, couldn’t tell you a single plot line, or name a single character. But they put out a call for people who looked like DC government types, and certainly I can pass as a DC government type, right? Continue reading

Up, Up, and Away

I’m typing this at the airport, waiting with the rest of the family to board the plane that’s going to carry us across the ocean to our new life in Germany. It’s funny: even though we’ve been working/hoping/wishing for this day for more than a year now, it’s really hard to believe it’s actually happening now.

While it’s been so crazy chaotic the past 24 hours, I’ve been peeking at my cell phone throughout the day, taking advantage of my final hours with this particular phone service. I’ve become verklempt many times over as I’ve read the sweetest notes, posts, and texts of encouragement from so many friends and family members. I’ve shared them with Martin, read them aloud to the kids. We appreciate all of it so much.

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Painting. Painting. And more painting.


We’ve been living in a hotel for more than a week. It feels like we’ve been here much longer than that, though. It’s all been a blur. We checked into the hotel the day the movers drove off with all our belongings. The next day, we enjoyed a nice day of swimming in the hotel pool and visiting with friends, but Martin and the younger two were feeling a bit under the weather.

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Last Day at Work


Turned in my laptop and badge, hugged my colleagues/friends goodbye, and snapped one more shot of the Capitol covered with scaffolding and fog.

Just got our official flight confirmations. Just a few more days to go. Ho! Ho! Ho!

We’re looking at our seating assignments. Miss C and I were put by windows in separate aisles. Martin’s a few aisles back in the center seat with the other two on either side of him. Not sure if I should protest…. Continue reading

Last Few Lunches

It’s my last full week at work, which means free lunch from those who are going to miss me!

Man, I’m going to miss this food. But even more, I’m going to miss these wonderful, brilliant, hilarious, and thoughtful coworkers who are going to miss me, too.

Moving So Fast

Nov 30, 2015: There I was, minding my own business, making labels for our move when a second head popped out of my shoulder! At least it’s a cute one who offers to help with the packing … even if it is WAY past her bedtime.


I got a label maker a few weeks ago. I was out shopping for something, saw that it was on sale, and picked it up without consulting Martin, which is saying a lot. I normally do give him a call before such a purchase … not because I need his approval (as if), but because he is usually able to look up and provide a coupon code for further savings over the phone. He’s a lot more efficient and personalized than any coupon or finance app out there, and there’s that German accent, too.

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