Answers and Direction

We saw a neurologist and speech pathologist today. After a review of all his records, my milestone timeline built off all our videos, and careful evaluations of our boy, the experts believe it was the unfortunate timing of his illness and temporary deafness, and our unique family circumstances, and perhaps some rapid development in other parts of his brain, that caused his language and speech delays.

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Girl Power

She’s on a new soccer team this year. One of only two girls. It’s a more competitive league, and the practices have been brutal. She comes home from them exhausted, our shower lined with dirt from the field when she is done. Today was their first tournament.

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My Birthday Boy

Oh, my heart. Exactly eight years ago today, this little guy surprised us with a shake, rattle, and roll. Three weeks before his scheduled arrival, on a steamy hot summer day just before the DC earthquake, and a few days before Hurricane Irene blew over the house … my baby boy arrived.

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Proud Sister

Courtesy Photo

Pardon my language, but I am so f—kin‘ proud of my sister, Jill. As president of the Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network, she was sworn in as the newest member of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. She’s now one of only a few women on the council, which (among other things) sets the law enforcement standards, training, hiring and firing, etc., for the entire state of Kentucky.

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Paint the Porch

I always think of my Aunt Eileen whenever my kids “paint the porch” for me. She raised seven children, and countless nieces, nephews, neighborhood kids, and grandchildren. She knew all the tricks, and this one is a favorite. A bucket of water and a paintbrush. No mess. A clean porch. Playful, easy distraction.

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No Wallflower

My dad said tonight that in the two weeks he’s been here, he’s noticed a big difference in Junior’s behavior.

More assertive. More demanding. More determined.

Junior did just celebrate his second birthday, but I also think it’s because we’ve all been making an effort to be more intentional with him, more expressive and focused with our communication efforts. I think the active engagement has clued him in that we ARE paying attention and he’s become bolder because of it. And I love it. His silence does not equate to being a wallflower.

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The Makeup Artist

My secret to keeping a youthful appearance? Having a young makeup artist. His application techniques are unorthodox, and he takes a lot of bold risks with color and shading, but I always feel so glam when he’s around.