Travel Day

7:24 a.m. (Germany time): It is o’dark thirty, and I’m operating on about 90 minutes of sleep. But all our bags are packed, and we are at the airport on time, just waiting for the baggage drop to open. And THEN we are on our way to America for the first time (as a family) in nearly four years.

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It was so lovely having Tante Mali visit with us this weekend! Also? This photo REALLY makes it obvious that three out of the four are definitely MINE. And then there’s Miss C.


This morning’s run was super dreamy. For the most part, visibility was very poor, so I veered off to another trail where vehicles aren’t permitted, and was rewarded with this view as the fog lifted from the valley. Today is going to be super busy for me, but I’m ready for it.

Today’s song: “Mad World” by Michael Andrews from “Donnie Darko.”
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Grandma & Grandpa are leaving us tomorrow morning after spending the month with us. It’s been a whirlwind! They spent time exploring Stuttgart, the nearby villages, Nuremberg, Konstanz and the Bodensee, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. But most days were spent hanging out at the pool, cooking, playing with toys, watching TV, and going for hikes around our village.

We also are all about 5(+) pounds heavier because Grandpa kept insisting he treat us for dinner at all the local Biergartens. We will definitely miss them, but look forward to seeing them again soon!

Married Life

I call this photo “Waiting for Word.”

I told Martin that our washing machine is broke. He asked me a dozen questions.

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Political Science Prep

During my check-in with our au pair today, she admitted that dinner time (which I missed due to traffic this evening) was exhausting.

“J didn’t want to eat what I made for him. He started listing the foods he WANTED to eat, but I told him none of those were options. Then C tried to negotiate with him, but he wasn’t having it. So then L tried to negotiate with him, too, but I was like, “You guys! You can’t negotiate with him!!! He eats what he gets!”

So I was like, “Amanda, aren’t you majoring in political science when you go to university? I promise, this year with my kids is going to prep you in SO MANY WAYS. Once you figure out how to wrangle them in, trust me, international politics is going to be a BREEZE.”

You’re doing GREAT, Amanda! THANK YOU!

Busy, Busy, Baby

Just submitted my mid-term exams after a whirlwind weekend of playing tour guide in Nuremberg where we also celebrated a family birthday and delivered Oma (who is on crutches now!) to her daughter’s house, where I got to squeeze the babies and yell at my kids and eat too much food. I even found some Pokemon for Martin. May this next week be just as full.