Mom Shorts

I came home from work, and started [good-naturedly] teasing Miss C about her booty shorts, and fashion, and summer style. Lola chimed in, and before I knew it, the gauntlet was thrown, and an ultimatum was given … if Mom can fit into said booty shorts, they become Mom Shorts, and therefore lose all trendiness, and can no longer be worn by teenagers, even in a heat wave.

To everyone‘s surprise — and I do mean EVERYONE — I now own a ”new“ pair of Mom Shorts.

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Martin: “I like your murse.”

J: “My what?”

Martin: “Your man purse.”

J: “I made it myself. For my rocks.”

Martin: “That’s awesome.”

J: “Know who else made a murse? Ötzi, the frozen man. For his arrows. Only his was made of leather. Mine is yarn.”