Another Day on the Job

Today was all about internal communications! She sat in on an “all hands” meeting with the commander, took notes on what he said, and then produced social media content based on it which was shared online. Sifting through all kinds of multimedia and editing programs can be tedious, but she earned a hot chocolate.

Also, shout-out to Nona for the vintage work dress circa 1995.

The Intern

Internship Day 2: She spent most of the day with Congressional Affairs, researching elected officials and committees, preparing info packets and all that jazz. I’m lucky to have great colleagues who took the time to explain their jobs from the minutiae to the big picture, and had her help with their work loads.

A New Look

Ah, the changes motherhood makes on a body! For weeks, my hair has been falling out by the fistful. A common postpartum occurrance, but it’s also made worse by the temporary birth control I’m using for the next few months.

Oh, you didn’t know that hair loss is a known side effect of the depo shot? Oh, yes. It is. You can visit my bedroom and bathroom for evidence, if you want. It’s an alarming thing, lathering your hair in the shower and feeling your hair just slide off your scalp into your hands. I was aware of that side effect as much as one can be as they skim the list of side effects when deciding whether or not to take a medication. Continue reading

Made It

We made it to June! And I finally got a “bump photo” with Martin in it.

This week, I’ve had my final medical appointments, and tomorrow is my last day at work. This was the time when I went into labor with my son three weeks before his due date, so we’re all kinda holding our breath, hoping to stick to schedule this time. Continue reading

The Dance

My sweet girl went to her first formal dance last week. Her middle school organized it as a last special event for the eighth graders before they all head off to high school.

Since we’re putting all three kids into the German school system beginning next year, this may be the only opportunity for Miss C to attend a formal dance. So, we allowed her to invite a friend — a fellow American who lives in our village — as her date.  Continue reading