Monday Fashion

On Mondays, we wear red, purple, and denim.

Because we wear pink on Wednesdays. (Ha, ha!)

I got an earlier-than-normal start to my day today, which meant syncing up with my oldest as she got ready for school. It was fun having a sounding board to chat hair, clothes, and make-up!

She’s at the right height and size to start wearing some of my smaller clothes now … obviously the ones that do not fit me at the moment. This happens unintentionally sometimes. Her Dad gets confused because everything looks the same to him now. So, her items end up in my closet, and my items end up in hers ALL THE TIME.

As life speeds up and gets crazier, I’m thankful for these moments with my kiddo.

First Date

Our oldest went on her first date this evening.

He’s Italian-American, the son of family friends visiting from Italy this week. She invited him to her middle-school dance tonight.

Martin drove them. I reassured Martin this evening, telling him not to worry as Miss C is exactly like me when I was her age. There’s no emoji yet that matches his reaction to that.

I served with his mom in the Air Force, and they’ve known each other since they were 13 months old. (Their birthdays are weeks apart.) Our families got together often for playdates when we all lived in DC at the same time.

They had both sets of parents waiting for them when they got home, ready to talk ALL about it!

By all accounts, they had a great time, and we saw pics of them tearing up the dance floor with her friends.

Ahhh, middle school.

Suit Shopping

I snapped this photo of Martin and the boy after suit shoppin’ in Metzingen for Martin’s new work wardrobe.

If you haven’t already, put Metzingen on your radar for a visit if you need to do some shopping for your wardrobe and you are in the area.

It’s a traditional German city full of outlet stores: Prada, Armani, Burberry, Hugo Boss (which is headquartered there), Gucci, Levi’s, and many more. The shops are scattered throughout the city, so be prepared to do some walking.

Martin picked up a few really fantastic suits and dress shirts marked down 70 percent, saving more than 600 Euros in the process.

I haven’t seen him that excited about a final receipt in nearly two years!




My three-year-old son picked out this vintage shirt today. Unearthed during the move, it’s my preschool shirt from when I was three years old. Faded, but in excellent condition.