Run for It

My dad ran cross country when he was in high school and in the Air Force, but that DNA didn’t pass along to me. I was always more track-and-field, which worked well for the sports I played: softball, volleyball, and soccer. I enjoy running sprints, or leisurely jogging, but then hauling ass thru short bursts of energy. The landscape around here lends itself to that way of running: slow jogs uphill, sprints thru the orchards and fields, slow jog through the village, final sprint home.

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So Easy, Julie Does It

This is a photo of Miss C and me training for the Air Force fitness test in 2004. I thought of it when I realized this evening that my waist measurement is back within Air Force standards for the first time in YEARS. Still got some work to do if I’m going to get back to those 2004 scores, but I’m getting there! 

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Getting Some Work Done

So, I‘m getting some work done. Cosmetic surgery. A tummy tuck. The toll from four babies and four c-sections (and resulting scar tissue) is becoming more and more obvious as the weight continues to drop and my core firms up. (That was my belly while pregnant with Lola. I was even bigger with Junior.)

Not that my post-pregnancy ”ball of bread dough” has ever stopped me from posting belly pics on my blog, or, uh, hitting the beaches in Italy, or sunning my bits for Google Earth documentation on my balcony. (True story … my blurry realness was captured via satellite.) That belly birthed four awesome humans. Martin’s never once made me feel bad about it. But I‘m just over it.

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Calm Food Shopping

During my run today, I nearly got attacked by a German Shepard whose owner clearly had no control over him or the situation. I had to go into a freakin‘ mud pit to get out of reach of the dog as it lunged and snarled on its leash, its owner struggling to hold on.

That dog had no interest in obeying her. And then after she was able to put some distance between us, her dog went after another runner and HER dog, resulting in another intense standoff until the idiot dog owner could pull away and leave the trail entirely.


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Keeping My Word

I haven’t been in my gym since Thanksgiving Eve despite the promise I made to myself to get in here AT LEAST twice a week. I get so disappointed when others don’t keep their word … gotta keep myself accountable to my own word, too. I was slipping hard into the excuses just now, but then I literally said out loud, „Just get your ass in there, girl.“ Got RuPaul and his queens keyed up to get me thru my cardio. Back on track!

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Election Day 2018

Fresh faces this morning during our sunrise run. We ran up the river and across the bridge to Kentucky and back. I voted via absentee ballot before we traveled, so I won’t get a sticker today.

But you can vote.

It’s your right and your privilege. Vote wisely. Just get out there and freakin’ vote already.

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