Last of the Season

These are the last quarkinis of the season. I’m so sad, but it’s probably for the best. I was reading online reviews on various home gym equipment to figure out what to order for our home gym.

Me: Which do you like better, free weights or machines?

Martin: Food.



I’m using this old-school meme as a depiction of my morning yoga session with the kids. It was “all hands on deck” as I [slowly] moved through various [gentle] stretches and poses to relieve some of this back and hip pain. It was sooooo amusing as Miss c, Lola, and Jaz┬ámoved around me to ensure I was kept balanced and safe, each offering encouragement and pretending not to notice when I couldn’t quite reach my toes or twist in a certain way.

“Your form is amazing, Mom! Great job! Feel that stretch!”

It’s a Miracle

Shoe-shopping from earlier this month.

I’m not sure what I did, but this morning, all three children scrambled to get their socks and shoes on THEMSELVES when I said we’re going to the gym/Kids Club.

Then, after my hour-long workout, when I picked them up, all three kids cheerfully picked up their toys and willingly walked out of the building without me having to drag any wailing bodies.

It’s a miracle.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a “before” photo of myself because I wasn’t expecting to lose 14 pounds in 7 weeks while Martin was gone. The truth is that I only started going to the gym so often for the Kids Club. Seriously — dropping off the kids into a supervised room full of toys that I don’t have to pick up or clean is very appealing.

I swear. THAT was/is my motivation. Continue reading

Stair Climber

There is no way I wore these shoes while climbing several flights of stairs. Nope. But I did wear them last month.

In an effort to be more active, I haven’t been on the elevator at all today, and this included a trip outside the building and back.

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Physical Therapy

OMG – physical therapy BURNED this week!!
Did a lot of Pilates-inspired stuff Thursday for my core and other muscles that haven’t been used/worked in almost a year.

As I clenched my teeth and lifted my legs, shaking the workout table from the effort, my therapist cackled and said, “We’re not so nice now that you’re not pregnant, huh??”

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It’s Happening!


Well, I haven’t written in a few days, and I have a good excuse.

The Air Force sent me to Disney World! Nope, not for a great vacation, but to attend a conference that was taking place there. I wasn’t able to visit the actual theme park, but I did go to “Downtown Disney” and have dinner there.

The rest of the time, I was working and eating room service for most of my meals. I tried to keep it light – chicken salad sandwiches, salads, etc. But I did enjoy a half rack of ribs one evening. It was raining three of the four days I was there, so I wasn’t able to go running, so I’m sure my time dipped a little. I am going to the gym later this afternoon, so we’ll see.

I was VERY excited and VERY THANKFUL to see that my good friend, Kristi, donated to the walkathon! So, I know that someone’s received a letter and felt moved to contribute! (Well, that, and Kristi is an awesome person anyways, so you know… ­čÖé But nevertheless, I was really worried that nobody was going to respond. But every little bit counts, both for the walkathon and to me personally. It’s definitely extra motivation!