Cheese, Please

We visited the local annual winter bazaar, and just as he was last year, my daughter’s friend was there again, helping to sell his grandfather’s cheese from the Netherlands.

He was quite the salesman: we left with a bag FULL of it!

Gouda cheese and horseradish mustard are my EVERYTHING at the moment.


Food from Home

According to the date on the box, it appears that right after learning he’s got another grandkid on the way, my Dad went out and bought $100-worth of Cincinnati chili, and shipped it over here right away.

He knows this stuff must be imprinted into DNA as early as possible.

Unfortunately, though, doner kebabs, German salami/cheese pretzel sandwiches, bacon, Nutella, Cincinnati chili … all my favorite things are now a big NOPE on the list of things I can stomach right now. If I needed a sign that this was absolutely the last time Martin and I are doing this, THIS IS IT. Continue reading

Growing Boy

He helped me pick the sunflowers while his sisters were at music class.


My son: “Mom, I’m hungry.”

Me: “That makes sense. You are a growing boy.”

My son: “No, I’m a STARVING boy.”

I threw some pizza, apples, and green beans at him. I think I have a few hours before he comes back…

Lunch & Flowers

I am not at work today, so Martin and I went out for lunch. Those crispy wedges are stuffed with potatoes, cream cheese, and chives. It’s a salad, though.

I had salad for lunch.

Also, my milkshake brings all the wasps to the yard.

The sunflower field next to my village has an honor system. You drop the right amount of Euros in the box and walk away with gorgeous flowers.

The Cupcake Cure

This guy was helping his Dad carry out some items yesterday, and in his haste, he tripped and hit our front step, resulting in a bad cut on top of a shiner. We felt his efforts earned him some cupcakes.


Wasps built a nest in one of our rolladens while we were on vacation.

I went to pull it up just now, and the movement totally obliterated it, with chunks of wasps and nest pulp raining down just outside the glass before the survivors stormed out looking for their enemy, who had her nose pressed up against the glass, staring in awe.

Mother Nature, dude.

Go Here. Eat This.

Pic of L and J in front of the restaurant where we stuffed ourselves silly in Alberobello

If you haven’t been to the Itria Valley in Italy, we highly recommend. We wish we scheduled extra days here. There is so much to explore, drink, and taste, for both kids and grown-ups.

For our fellow ex-pat friends, check out the discount flights to Bari or Brindisi. There are roundtrip flights for less than 100€ throughout the year.


This was her reaction when her Dad said she’s giving her Grandpa Larry some competition as the family’s food disposal system. Before this, she cleared four veggie courses, her main course of roast beef, part of her Dad’s meat rolls, and the rest of her sister’s pasta and cheese. We have no idea where it goes. Ahhhh, the metabolism of the young!


We visited the only two-story trullo house, Trullo Sovrano, in Alberobello. It is a museum showing how life looked in there in the 18th-century. Today’s “tiny house movement” clearly came from here centuries ago.

There’s a theory that people were skipping the mortar to avoid higher taxes. This appeals to Martin’s quest for a discount.

Another theory says people went without mortar so when the taxman came to inspect the property, the roof and walls could be quickly dismantled.

Property? What property? There’s no property here.



Family Dinner

EVERYONE is coming over for dinner today, so it is all hands on deck to help prepare the feast. One cousin is making the pasta, another two carried up an extra table, there will be veggies and meat, and pastries…I skipped breakfast today.



We tried out a super spicy red pepper dip as we waited for our kebabs. Good thing the Cacık is nearby to cool things off!