“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

Apparently, Aristotle had a cherry tree, because we’ve all been pretty impatient waiting for these limbs to grow heavy with fruit! But LOOK at these cherries! Gorgeous reds and pinks, and so sweet. These will go into our birthday boy’s cake later this week.

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Dinner with Love

Due to circumstances way beyond my control, our plans for Family Day at Frühlingsfest were a bust. Martin and the kids had spent the afternoon prepping the dirndls and lederhosen, so I even suggested they go without me when I called from work.

I mean, Martin spent hours hand-sewing ribbon back on one of the girl’s dresses! After his own day at work!
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Cake Request

“Can you make an American-style cake, but not from a box, and without all that heavy, sugary frosting like at the commissary?” 

I can try! 

My first attempt at a homemade “naked” chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting. I don’t know … would you eat it? 

Lola: “If you put some branches on it, Mom, you could put it on Pinterest.”

I took it to work and my coworker Amy came in at the end of the day, looking for a piece, and only found the serving tray. 

“Oh, wow. Looks like I missed out. You can see that someone actually tried to scrape off the last bits here with a fork … or fingernails…”

Language Development

They say just before 10 months of age, the expression of emotions becomes more complex. And he’s beginning to understand language, but can’t yet use the words himself. Nevertheless, he makes himself quite clear.

(He wants another corn puff.)

Last of the Season

These are the last quarkinis of the season. I’m so sad, but it’s probably for the best. I was reading online reviews on various home gym equipment to figure out what to order for our home gym.

Me: Which do you like better, free weights or machines?

Martin: Food.