Christmas Cake

A friend needed a Christmas gift cake for a party. And gluten-free!! I tested out the recipe with the kids, and they ate it up.  So here it is. Completely edible, too! It’s a gluten-free version of my chocolate cake and vanilla cream cheese frosting with vanilla and cherry fondant.

According to my friend, this cake was a SUCCESS.

Thanksgiving 2018

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime next-day delivery, and collapsible tables and benches. And cousins who live a few hours away, who will bring a variety of Thanksgiving decorations on short notice. And German, American, and Syrian friends who feel like family.

And carbs and wine and Cincinnati chili dip. And pie.

And for an American holiday that embraces food, friendship, and FUN. Thank goodness for that. 

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Travel Day

7:24 a.m. (Germany time): It is o’dark thirty, and I’m operating on about 90 minutes of sleep. But all our bags are packed, and we are at the airport on time, just waiting for the baggage drop to open. And THEN we are on our way to America for the first time (as a family) in nearly four years.

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Girls Night Out

Spending time at the Stuttgart Wine Fest with Amanda “the Au Pair” and Ashley “the former intern who now runs DC.”

What can go wrong? 

Actually, nothing. Nothing went wrong. In fact, the girls were amused when two grown men hit on yours truly. Not bad for a mom of four, am I right?

Bachelorette Party

Everyone else doing shots and dancing in heels, and we’re here, like, this sandwich shop is open to 2 am, and we are hungry.

A friend is getting married soon, and for her bachelorette party this evening, I was asked to make a cake. A certain kind of cake. Because I have a certain set of skills, I agreed to make it. In my kitchen last night, the following conversation took place.

Dad, joining me in the kitchen: “Hey, Julie. What’cha up to?”
Me: “Baking a penis cake for my friend’s bachlorette party.”
Dad, giving me a hug: “I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished in your life.”

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