Bachelorette Party

Everyone else doing shots and dancing in heels, and we’re here, like, this sandwich shop is open to 2 am, and we are hungry.

A friend is getting married soon, and for her bachelorette party this evening, I was asked to make a cake. A certain kind of cake. Because I have a certain set of skills, I agreed to make it. In my kitchen last night, the following conversation took place.

Dad, joining me in the kitchen: “Hey, Julie. What’cha up to?”
Me: “Baking a penis cake for my friend’s bachlorette party.”
Dad, giving me a hug: “I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished in your life.”

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Lucky Person

We finally got the keys to our new house! But things didn’t go as planned.  First, we sat more than hour in the red glow of brake lights as traffic paralyzed the area. As a passenger, I was fighting some serious impatience. I SHOULD BE PAINTING!!!!!

And then we showed up to that the family before us cleared the house and garage…and left the shit on our front porch. Martin and I were avoiding each other so we didn’t spill the rage.

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This is 36

So this is me now. This is 36.

Once again, I was spoiled in celebration of my birth, although everything was much more subdued compared to last year’s “Best Weekend Ever.”

When I woke up, the kids brought me breakfast in bed. Miss C and our nanny Wynter lovingly prepared a diabetic-friendly breakfast tray of eggs and toast, beautifully granished with flowers from our garden. There was a birthday card, too, full of messages from everyone in our house. Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness

After a rough start this morning, I probably had three consecutive meltdowns while trying to find parking this morning. It’s impossible to find parking near my work on a normal day, but someone somehow thought it a GREAT idea to hold a massive bazaar attracting crowds of people in the middle of a construction zone on a work day, making the parking issue SO MUCH WORSE. Continue reading

Wynter is Here

In the span of three months, Martin started his job which requires him to travel for weeks at a time, the kids’ music lessons and social lives took off, I completed six college classes while working full time and dealing with all that first trimester fun, on top of the normal household chaos that included a broken dryer the housing folks refused to repair for 10 weeks. (They finally caved and replaced it!)

Just as I was about to lose my sanity, THIS girl arrived.

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