Fasnet Parade

It’s that time of year again!!! The Tübingen Fasnet Parade is a chance to chase out the winter witches and goblins. What a fun afternoon! This tradition and the city dates back centuries, and the energy is always so good. Although one of the kids was pretty over it after about 15 minutes (I’ll let you guess), the rest all seemed to have a great time!

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Recreating Pompeii

She received a volcano kit for Christmas, and decided this was the weekend to play with it. Mt. Vesuvius is baked and painted. Now, she’s recreating the city of Pompeii. Note the rose garden in the center, a temple, and a few aristocratic homes. Possibly a bathhouse if she doesn’t run out of building blocks.

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Girls Night Out

Spending time at the Stuttgart Wine Fest with Amanda “the Au Pair” and Ashley “the former intern who now runs DC.”

What can go wrong? 

Actually, nothing. Nothing went wrong. In fact, the girls were amused when two grown men hit on yours truly. Not bad for a mom of four, am I right?

Bachelorette Party

Everyone else doing shots and dancing in heels, and we’re here, like, this sandwich shop is open to 2 am, and we are hungry.

A friend is getting married soon, and for her bachelorette party this evening, I was asked to make a cake. A certain kind of cake. Because I have a certain set of skills, I agreed to make it. In my kitchen last night, the following conversation took place.

Dad, joining me in the kitchen: “Hey, Julie. What’cha up to?”
Me: “Baking a penis cake for my friend’s bachlorette party.”
Dad, giving me a hug: “I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished in your life.”

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Fourth of July

We were at the hospital last week when the Fourth of July rolled around. Obviously, it’s an American holiday, and the Germans don’t do anything to observe it. But the Americans do! There are usually festive events on the local military installations, and we try to do something fun at home, too.

But this year was shaping to be a bust due to the circumstances. Neither Martin and I were in any place to put something together for the kids. Continue reading

Halloween in Germany

Ready for some trick-or-treating!

We went trick-or-treating on the American military base this year. I was traveling for work last year, so this year was the first time we all went out together for trick-or-treating in Germany. The tradition is slooooooowly catching on in neighborhoods around the country, but for the most part, it remains an American holiday. Hence: going on base where the families living there go all out to create a really fun event for the kids.

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