Fourth of July

We were at the hospital last week when the Fourth of July rolled around. Obviously, it’s an American holiday, and the Germans don’t do anything to observe it. But the Americans do! There are usually festive events on the local military installations, and we try to do something fun at home, too.

But this year was shaping to be a bust due to the circumstances. Neither Martin and I were in any place to put something together for the kids. Continue reading

Halloween in Germany

Ready for some trick-or-treating!

We went trick-or-treating on the American military base this year. I was traveling for work last year, so this year was the first time we all went out together for trick-or-treating in Germany. The tradition is slooooooowly catching on in neighborhoods around the country, but for the most part, it remains an American holiday. Hence: going on base where the families living there go all out to create a really fun event for the kids.

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Best Day Ever for Jaz

We have a 5-year-old in the house!!! That means today is the BEST DAY EVER.

BEST DAY EVER is a birthday tradition in our family. It was first celebrated on Miss C’s fifth birthday. Though we had a birthday party planned for her friends for the weekend, her actual birth date fell in the middle of the week. For some reason, that didn’t sit well with me.

After all, it was her FIFTH birthday.

In kid-speak, that’s a whole hand. Continue reading

The Pig Museum


We visited a pig museum last weekend. It was the first museum we visited over here in Germany, and it did not disappoint. Who knew a museum dedicated to one animal — especially a farm animal — could be so fascinating?

We loved it.

And it’s not just because we love bacon.

This place was awesome.

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