A blustery walk to my car this evening.

Construction starts next week for a two-story garage by the medical clinic. It should be done in two years, which means it will be done in 2027.

Run for It

My dad ran cross country when he was in high school and in the Air Force, but that DNA didn’t pass along to me. I was always more track-and-field, which worked well for the sports I played: softball, volleyball, and soccer. I enjoy running sprints, or leisurely jogging, but then hauling ass thru short bursts of energy. The landscape around here lends itself to that way of running: slow jogs uphill, sprints thru the orchards and fields, slow jog through the village, final sprint home.

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The Chocolate Incident

About 18,000 of you tagged or messaged me today about the chocolate factory incident resulting in a river of chocolate flooding a village street over here in Germany. I have a solid alibi, people. So do my children! You know damn well that if I were in any way responsible, I would have been front and center, bathing in that gooey stream of confection for all the world to see.

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Calm Food Shopping

During my run today, I nearly got attacked by a German Shepard whose owner clearly had no control over him or the situation. I had to go into a freakin‘ mud pit to get out of reach of the dog as it lunged and snarled on its leash, its owner struggling to hold on.

That dog had no interest in obeying her. And then after she was able to put some distance between us, her dog went after another runner and HER dog, resulting in another intense standoff until the idiot dog owner could pull away and leave the trail entirely.


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Gin and Jazz

It’s an evening of gin, jazz, and my girl Jenn in downtown Stuttgart at the annual Gin & Tonic festival. I’m finding that I prefer dry gin now, less fruity, but the night is still young. Tasted a lot of gin this evening, mostly from the UK and Germany, some from Spain. Pink gin was tasty, but a little too sweet for me. I definitely prefer dry and bitter. Cheers!


It‘s that time of year when Jack Frost wants to disrupt my morning routine, but then THIS guy shows up with piping hot coffee and forces me into the car with the seat warmer kicked on so he can scrape the windows quickly and get me on my way. I kept motioning for him to take his shirt off, too, but obviously, he ignored me. Maybe next time! A great way to start the day … fingers crossed this continues when it REALLY starts to snow!

Thanksgiving 2018

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime next-day delivery, and collapsible tables and benches. And cousins who live a few hours away, who will bring a variety of Thanksgiving decorations on short notice. And German, American, and Syrian friends who feel like family.

And carbs and wine and Cincinnati chili dip. And pie.

And for an American holiday that embraces food, friendship, and FUN. Thank goodness for that. 

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