Best Day Ever – 10

2:21 a.m. – This would be a lot more fun if we had some Helium, but all she‘s got are two lightheaded parents with great lung capacity determined to fill her bedroom before she wakes up.

2:43 a.m. – Exactly 10 years ago, I was wide awake and restless, too excited to sleep, knowing my baby girl was just hours away from being born. Now, I‘m too restless and excited (and still jet-lagged, TBH) to sleep, knowing tomorrow is going to be full of her most favorite things. She knows, but she doesn’t, and it‘s going to be awesome.

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Midnight Train

About 24 hours ago, I was lunching with my girlfriends in Northern Virginia. Now I’m in this first class cabin all by myself on a cross-country train in Germany. I’m taking an important exam for my studies, and it’s only offered in a few cities over here … none of them local. And the best time I could take it was immediately upon my return home from the States. So in the midst of our travels, as we drove everywhere or whenever family took the kids, I’ve been studying and test-practicing. And studying some more. And today I napped. I unpacked. And then I packed again and kissed the family goodbye. I’m feeling good. Here’s to two days of academic focus and, hopefully, good results! 


This morning’s run was super dreamy. For the most part, visibility was very poor, so I veered off to another trail where vehicles aren’t permitted, and was rewarded with this view as the fog lifted from the valley. Today is going to be super busy for me, but I’m ready for it.

Today’s song: “Mad World” by Michael Andrews from “Donnie Darko.”
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Morning Below the Fog

I ran in the clouds today! There’s been a lot of fog lately, so I got up just before sunrise to run through it. I love when the fog is just above my head, as if someone sliced off the bottom half of a cloud just enough to let me run underneath. It’s magical. I often wonder, how many mornings have I slept thru that?

Also, I passed another orchard where the fallen apples are beginning to rot, so the air smells like cider.

Today’s song on my playlist: Paradise Circus by Massive Attack.

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Mama Cows

To balance out the treats I enjoyed at Fest, I added 30 minutes to my trek this morning, and took a new trail. This one took me into the protected forest outside my village. I discovered it is full of hills. Very steep hills. 

 Today’s song-on-a-loop: “Work It” by Missy Elliott.

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The Sunset

I almost missed this beautiful sunset! I was already in my bed this evening, studying for a Very Important Test that is completely overwhelming. My list of reasons not to go running included: I am tired, I need to study, I’m already in my pajamas, still recovering from the weekend, my shakes shake too much when I run … I was still coming up with excuses AS I WAS PUTTING ON MY SHOES.

And as I left my house and headed up into the hills. But funny how one’s focus shifts when the light it right, and the playlist even better! I even included some sprints to the barn…and then to that house…and then to that tree on the end…

Today’s song-a-loop: “What You Waiting For?” by Gwen Stefani