Hair and a Whimper

Great hair in September 2016.

I feel very shallow for admitting this, but I just shed some tears after learning the *best* hair stylist I’ve ever had just moved. It’s soooo hard to find someone over here who doesn’t immediately give you a mullet or chin-length bob no matter what.

Would it be weird if I sent her a message, asking her to move back to Stuttgart?


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Haircuts for zee ladies!


Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky got a shout-out from the International Space Station.

You can read about it HERE and HERE.


Beware Euro Hair

My hair before my salon visit. Not bad, but my hair needed a trim and some shape STAT!


I got my haircut this weekend. It was my first trip to the salon since the move, and I was really anxious about it. I did not have stellar hair salon experiences the last time I lived in Europe.

Mind you, they weren’t awful experiences, but they weren’t awesome, either. I could never find the right one for me. Not only was I literally speaking a foreign language to the stylists, but even when I was able to translate what I wanted or brought pictures, their interpretation of my requests were just … off. Continue reading

Big Day

These two ladies had their first day of school in Germany yesterday. Back in September, I pointed out that given their age difference, this is the only year the two will attend the same school together. That remains true even here in Germany since the middle and elementary schools are in the same building. That won’t be the case next year when a new elementary building opens up, but for now, a little unexpected blessing allowing these two to face all of this change together. Continue reading

Missed Opportunity

Last night, as I was running my fingers through Miss C’s hair, thinking to myself how fast she’s growing up, I said outloud, “Your hair is going to be sooo fun to style for prom.” This made her smile, and she asked if I would style it for her when the time came.

“Sure!” I said. “I used to style my friends’ hair for prom all the time.”

“You did?” she asked.
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