Today’s workout in the home gym included an hour on the cardio machine. I prefer running outside, but RuPaul’s DragRace Season 10 on Netflix made it so much fun! Also, shout-out to my crime-fighting badass sister Jill for the Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network t-shirt.

Morning Below the Fog

I ran in the clouds today! There’s been a lot of fog lately, so I got up just before sunrise to run through it. I love when the fog is just above my head, as if someone sliced off the bottom half of a cloud just enough to let me run underneath. It’s magical. I often wonder, how many mornings have I slept thru that?

Also, I passed another orchard where the fallen apples are beginning to rot, so the air smells like cider.

Today’s song on my playlist: Paradise Circus by Massive Attack.

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Flu Shot Selfie

Biggest accomplishment today? Got my flu shot. Bummed I didn’t get a cartoon bandage, but maybe next year? Martin and the kids will get theirs later this week. They all came down with the flu when I went to the TDY to the States a few months ago. That’s one strand they won’t get again!
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Flu Season

Asthma sucks. I always get anxious this time of year, because the cold and flu season is never kind to him. It’s a run-of-the-mill chest cold that’s got him wheezy again. We didn’t get much sleep last night. I’m glad he’s old enough to be involved in his own care, and can tell me exactly how he is feeling, and carry his own meds. But I still morph into a helicopter Mom, hovering over him as he sleeps, listening to him breathe. Continue reading

It’s Still a Workout

Is this how gym selfies work? Squiggle mirrors! I got home late, and it was raining, so instead of a run, I spent an hour in our home gym, dressed in my paint pants and a t-shirt that [unintentionally] matches the wall I painted for “energy.” We have cable down here. German reality television is hysterical, although, I mostly watch Netflix when on the elliptical. YouTube when I’m doing Missy Elliott dance routines on the balance ball.

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The Sunset

I almost missed this beautiful sunset! I was already in my bed this evening, studying for a Very Important Test that is completely overwhelming. My list of reasons not to go running included: I am tired, I need to study, I’m already in my pajamas, still recovering from the weekend, my shakes shake too much when I run … I was still coming up with excuses AS I WAS PUTTING ON MY SHOES.

And as I left my house and headed up into the hills. But funny how one’s focus shifts when the light it right, and the playlist even better! I even included some sprints to the barn…and then to that house…and then to that tree on the end…

Today’s song-a-loop: “What You Waiting For?” by Gwen Stefani

Small Steps

Small steps around the corner of my house turned into an hour-long run to the next village thru an orchard, past two huge farms, and back. I’d forgotten what it was like to do that, to run alone and think with no interruption!

Today’s song-on-a-loop to keep pace: “Do I Wanna Know” by Arctic Monkeys.