Girl Power

She’s on a new soccer team this year. One of only two girls. It’s a more competitive league, and the practices have been brutal. She comes home from them exhausted, our shower lined with dirt from the field when she is done. Today was their first tournament.

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No More Crib

And that’s it.

I no longer have a crib in my house. It’s been converted into a toddler bed. And don’t think for a second that I‘m the only sentimental sap around here. To honor this important milestone last night, Lola put on the bedsheets Jaz used to sleep on, picked out one of Miss C’s old baby blankets as the cover, and tucked in one of her Care Bears next to Junior’s favorite pajamas, which she laid out so nicely for him.

“Something from all the toddlers who slept here,“ she explained.

And then she crawled up next to him and read his bedtime book right there with him, because, you know, rocking chairs are for babies, and he ain‘t a baby any more. 

TBT: The Bedroom


Today’s #TBT photo is from January 1991. That’s my youngest sister Jinger and me in our bedroom, displaying our *new* pet gerbils — gifts from Santa — who would later prove to be the goriest pets ever.

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