TBT: The Bedroom


Today’s #TBT photo is from January 1991. That’s my youngest sister Jinger and me in our bedroom, displaying our *new* pet gerbils — gifts from Santa — who would later prove to be the goriest pets ever.

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No Place Like Home

No matter where we go in the world, there’s absolutely no place like home!!! As we pulled into the driveway, Martin was busy on our patio, grilling us a delicious dinner of chicken, pork, and veggies while Jaz jumped around, excited to have his sisters back. I literally grabbed him as he was walking by and smooshed his face into mine. He’s a good sport. I am a lucky Frau!


One more road trip photo from the last leg of our trip.

Pit stop in Austria! It was sprinkling, but we were outside for the view. The six year old was bored with the schnitzel and salat.


Home Sweet Home

Stargazing in front of our home.

We signed today the documents that start the process of putting our house on the rental market. It didn’t take long at all to sign the forms, but for the rest of the day, I felt so melancholy. I posted online that it felt like I signed away a family member. I admit, I wasn’t prepared for feeling THAT sentimental about it. I mean, I always knew that a move to Germany would require us to leave this house. That’s a given. But the idea of actually leaving this place … putting it in black and white made it so real.

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The most exciting thing we did this weekend was get our flu shots. It really was pretty exciting, especially when we rolled up to our provider’s health clinic and saw a line of people that spilled out the door and into the parking lot. Who knew that vaccinations were so popular these days?

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