We have been here in line for nine days. And zee Germans are so rude! Cutting in line, or letting 20 friends cut ahead of them.

This evening was the ONLY opportunity we had to do some shopping. I’ve been working late nights this past week, as well as most of today, and the shops aren’t open on Sundays. I just got all the back-pay owed me over the past few months, and Martin and I refuse to wait another week to finally get our bedroom set!!

It had to be done. And now that’s done, I don’t intend on stepping foot in IKEA again for at least a year!!!

Or three months, if I’m being honest.


On another note … The ninth Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Jim Binnicker passed away today. He did a lot for the enlisted corps, and was a great mentor to many! I was very fortunate to cross paths with him a few times in my career. He really cared about Airmen and their families, and continued to work and support them long after he retired. I’m not surprised at all by all the kind words I see others posting about him, too.

Streaming Radio

Martin painting our house in Northern Virginia just a few weeks ago.

I woke up this morning hearing chatter about Pepco power outages in Maryland, INOVA health care, and DC’s best mix of today’s best hits.

Confused and disoriented, I stumbled out into the hallway of my German home to find Martin painting the hallway while listening to his favorite DC radio station through his phone. Continue reading

Getting Things Done

Ahhh! Got a lot of things done around the house today. Put up the finishing touches in the kids’ bedrooms, hung up curtains, artwork, sorted through the kids’ clothes and organized the closets. AND sat down for a few hours with the whole family for a Tom Hanks movie marathon.

AND web-chatted with my Mom and sister Jinger, too.

T’was a good day.

Paint Work on Christmas Eve

The man is a machine. German-engineering at its finest.

We got the estimate two days ago for how much it will cost to have folks come in and paint our house. Though feverish and helpless in our hotel room, Martin took one look, raised his fists, and defiantly yelled, “NOOOOOOOO! We will paint the house OURSELVES!!” Continue reading

The Book

Simple. Colorful. Effective.


This is The Book. As I remarked in my previous blog post, it is currently the secret to my sanity.  Well, that and a bottomless pot of coffee.

It’s really just a big binder with numbered labels that I bought at the local office supply store. I already owned those plastic, brightly-colored pocket folders (purchased in Germany more than 10 years ago, actually), and I was so pleased to see they match perfectly with the labels. There’s also a three-hole cloth pencil case in there, and it will eventually hold all the small receipts we’ll be collecting during our journey. Continue reading

Watch Your Step

Got these gems during our trip to Disney World.

[dropcap style=”color: #9b9b9b;”]I[/dropcap] blinked and it’s already October.

At least, it seems that way when I look at my kids and see how much they’ve grown this year alone.

Doesn’t it always, though?

Martin and I are in the midst of a few home projects, such as re-doing our bathrooms. For the past few weekends, we cordoned off sections of the house, forbidding our children to engage with us, forcing them to fend for themselves when it came to food and entertainment.

So, fueled by a diet of cereal, milk, cheese cubes, slices of bread, chocolate-covered pretzels, and soda, my children got creative with their Legos, emptied their closets and toy chests, and re-organized the family room making blanket forts.

My oldest also created this using one of her Lego sets and her digital point-and-shoot camera.

It’s called “Watch Your Step.”


Shopping Selfie

While working with Martin on the bathroom yesterday, I was reminded of this photo from our trip to Florida.

The story: as we hurried to get ready for Disney, I realized my purse was too full and unorganized to carry around the park all day. But I was busy getting the kids and myself dressed. So I “searched” my purse for something, essentially dumping it all out on the table, and explained, “Don’t worry about this, Martin. I’ll just clean this up later tonight when we get home!!”

A mess that needs organizing? It’s like catnip for Germans.

PS – My purse was neatly sorted and organized, and he put aside just the stuff I needed for the single backpack we ended up taking, by the time we left for the park.


Martin and I are busy updating our bathroom with a new floor, new sink, new toilet, and new paint. Let me clarify: Martin is peeling away old paint, replacing floorboards and dry wall, removing nails and screws, and I’m watching and bringing him drinks and tools when requested.


Selfie in a vanity mirror display at Lowes.

Third trip this weekend, but the first sans kids. My friend Jennie showed up at the house and said, “Hey, I got the kids. Go!”

So I think we will finally be able to get all we need to complete this bathroom today.

PS – Paint stains on hands and limbs are a “thing” this season. Trust me.


To the best of my knowledge, there is no English or German word to describe — for better or worse — the emotions or qualities of a partner/spouse revealed specifically during remodeling/home repair.

Sort of like “weltscmertz” or “torschlusspanik” … there should be words to describe the surge of emotions felt when a spouse drips paint from the brush … or demands that every corner be taped … or picks the same exact shade of flooring as you do at the same time … or makes inappropriate jokes while drilling new holes in the wall. There should be a name for all of that.