One of my pics from Rome. These gold plates were in front of a gorgeous apartment building in a residential area of Rome. The plates name the Jews that were forced from their home in that building, and sent to Auschwitz during World War II. I found a few others throughout the city.

Per diem

FACT: I am a natural Roman driver. With two of my colleagues squeezed in with me in my tiny, two-door manual Fiat, I zipped thru the streets like I was raised here. Double-parking. Grumpy taxi drivers. Random car doors or pedestrians or mopeds or open roadway with no lanes … no sweat!

My passengers only gasped and shrieked a few times. Meanwhile, I’m like, “This is nothing. It’s like Afghanistan. This is nothing.”

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TBT: Travel in Italy

Today’s Throwback Thursday photo is from March 2005, taken in our hotel room in Florence, Italy as I got our daughter dressed for the day. My parents were with us from the States, and after breakfast, we continued our adventures by driving to Rome with a pit-stop in Orvieto for lunch.

TBT: Miss C and Me

Today’s #TBT photo is from Sept. 5, 2004, when Martin and I drove up into the mountains near our home in Italy for some family photos. This is one of my most favorite photos of Miss C and me. We had just celebrated her first birthday a few weeks before this photo was taken. Now she’s a teenager. It doesn’t seem possible.

Friends Forever

Our friend Lia snapped this photo last night after we had dinner with her family. Lia was first my father’s friend through their professional network. When I got assigned to Aviano, she became our friend, as well as my own work colleague as we worked right down the hall from each other. She also stepped up as our “honorary Italian grandma” during my pregnancy with Miss C. She adored our baby girl, and took care of us right up until we left for our next assignment in Washington DC. Continue reading

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Almost exactly 13 years ago, Martin and I stepped out of that door back there into a whole new world with our newborn daughter. The Italian hospital has the area blocked off to public vehicles, so Miss C and I walked around the barriers to get this quick picture of the two of us there.

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