A Night on the Town

We ran away from the circus and headed to the coast for a dinner by the sea.

Being off the mountain and in a city means being connected to consistent Internet again…and catching up on news.

Reading up about the attack in Turkey now while sitting in an Italian restaurant decorated with Jewish and Catholic art, being served by a Muslim, surrounded by tourists from all over the world.

Sicily is truly a melting pot of people and cultures.

If we allowed fear to guide us, my kids would not know this place. Continue reading

Mt. Etna and Catania

Tiny steps climb big mountains! Today’s mountain was the active volcano, Mt. Etna.

Walking along the rim of one of the volcano craters. This one poured out lava in 2001. “Mom, why we gotta be so close to the edge?” “Because it’s the only way to LIVE!”

Family group pic on a volcano!

Martin’s cousin is an opera singer in Catania. She gave us a tour of her office, Teatro Massimo Bellini. There was a ballet rehearsal going on.

My children were unusually quiet here. We were so fortunate to stand in that gorgeous place and watch.

The ceiling of Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania.

The ceiling of Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania.

There’s an outdoor concert tomorrow. We get to watch the rehearsal. Front row seats.

On Our Way to Sicily

Traveling thru southern Italy, talking about Brexit and what it means for Europe, Germany, the United States, our ex-pat friends, and our family’s future. And will America also disappoint in November? Nothing is certain. So very unsettling. Continue reading

Jasmine & Higher Education

I posted a question, asking about this particular bloom. My friends informed me it is jasmine.

It is so fragrant! I think it is a type of honeysuckle and the scent reminds me of pink lilies. The kids think the blossoms smell like vanilla. The last two homes we’ve visited had this growing like crazy near their front doors. It perfumes the whole house! Continue reading