This Boy

Jaz graciously suggested I eat the last two scoops of cookies-and-cream ice cream today. Later, as we chatted over our snacks, he mentioned he wants to be a dad when he grows up, and probably have 10 children.

“What if your wife only wants two kids?” I asked.

He goes, ”That works. Just as long as I have kids that I can protect and take care of, and you can be their grandma because you will be a pretty great grandma. You already have the gray hair.”  

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Paint the Porch

I always think of my Aunt Eileen whenever my kids “paint the porch” for me. She raised seven children, and countless nieces, nephews, neighborhood kids, and grandchildren. She knew all the tricks, and this one is a favorite. A bucket of water and a paintbrush. No mess. A clean porch. Playful, easy distraction.

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No Wallflower

My dad said tonight that in the two weeks he’s been here, he’s noticed a big difference in Junior’s behavior.

More assertive. More demanding. More determined.

Junior did just celebrate his second birthday, but I also think it’s because we’ve all been making an effort to be more intentional with him, more expressive and focused with our communication efforts. I think the active engagement has clued him in that we ARE paying attention and he’s become bolder because of it. And I love it. His silence does not equate to being a wallflower.

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An Understanding

I spent my lunch break reviewing the German doctor‘s diagnosis, punching every chicken-scratch word into Google Translate on my phone. Last Friday, the doctor spoke mainly to Martin while I did my best to listen and contain Junior, who was bored & annoyed. I knew then there were things I lost in translation, even with Martin doing his best to interpret.

I got the gist, though, and that was enough for me. But today, I reviewed every word and studied the chart, and hit up my university’s library to make sense of it all. And there is no sugarcoating: Junior is deaf. Not hard-of-hearing, but deaf.

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Earlier this afternoon, my suspicions about our beautiful boy were confirmed: at some point in the last 12 months, Junior experienced “major hearing loss.”

My gut tells me it may have been the infection that hospitalized him earlier this year, but we won’t know until more tests are completed.

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