Putting Positivity Out There

What the world needs now … (Photo of the girls from February 2010)

Question 1205: What’s the kindest thing you’ve done for a stranger?

Random acts of kindness are an important part of my life. I think this comes from the idea that the world needs more positive and loving energy, so why not put that out there whenever possible? If it’s true that everyone has a particular love language, giving is absolutely mine.

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Lookin’ Out For Each Other

Lola and I are the only two in this family to need glasses, the only ones to know how great it feels to see the world again without smudges and fingerprints and frames off-kilter on the nose.

So we try to look out for each other, pun intended, with the lens wipes and reminders to rinse those frames.

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While cleaning the house yesterday, I asked Lola to keep an eye on her brother. I could hear them play in the family room, but then it got quiet, so I peeked in, and melted at this sight. I love how these kids love each other.

Saucy Ambassadors

Research indicates there is growing negative sentiment in Germany against Americans, mostly on the political side, but nevertheless, my family (to include those in the States) continues to take our role as ambassadors VERY seriously.

This is the box my father in Ohio sent to my brother-in-law in Bavaria.

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Not a Date

One of the best things about having an au pair? The extra pair of eyes on my teenager. We were out celebrating Valentine’s Day with dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and Amanda filled us in on some more details about Miss C’s past weekend when she had lunch with … a friend.

Who brought her chocolate. And brought his little brother because his Mom insisted.

But it WASN‘T a date, you guys.

It wasn’t a date.

Cheering Squad

At some point, he’s going to learn that most humans do NOT have cheering squads applaud and praise their every move. But that wasn’t happening last night.

This was his reaction when we all cheered his ability to eat dinner with a fork.