Married Life

I call this photo “Waiting for Word.”

I told Martin that our washing machine is broke. He asked me a dozen questions.

Finally, I said, “You know? Now that I think about it, I have never touched a washing machine in my life. You better go check it out yourself.” Continue reading

16 Years

Today marks our 16th wedding anniversary. I say it every year, how it doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed since that remarkable spring day, but that’s a truth that will never change, even if we do over the years.

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Martin the Machine

This man is a machine. The past week has been intense. Driving here and there. Cleaning. Carrying boxes. Moving furniture. Painting. Repairing. Handling all the finances and endless paperwork. Digging out clothes and shoes and whatever else the rest of us need to get thru our day. Continue reading

Message on a Coffee Cup

Just as my German class started this evening, a sharp-dressed man burst into the room to deliver a hot cup of coffee just for me. It was Martin on his way to his own writing class down the hall. I had to laugh when I turned the cup and saw the name on my beverage. Soooo true.

Man Cold

Anyone else have a significant other who absolutely refuses to take the necessary meds despite feeling miserable? I feel like making a certificate so that once he’s well again, I can present it and say, “LOOK! A certificate for your suffering. Clearly, this is what you wanted!”

I’m thinking I should make this certificate available for others, too. May even a create an “Amateur Nursing Achievement Award” for the one who suffered beside the patient.

Lunch Date

This guy in a suit was loitering outside my office, apparently to “take a beautiful woman out to lunch.”

I offered to go back in to find one for him, but he insisted I come along with him.




Knowing I had such a delightful day with the kids (hahaha), Martin brought me flowers when he got home from classes today.

A wise man.

Earlier in the day, I decided I had enough about the kids’ mess in our family room.

Ahhhh, that feeling of satisfaction after throwing away two baskets full of toys after repeatedly telling the kids to pick up their messes! They can scream, beg, cry, and melt down all they want when they realize it is all gone. Those little plastic bits are part of China’s silent attack on America anyway. They aren’t gonna fall under my feet ANYMORE!


No Place Like Home

No matter where we go in the world, there’s absolutely no place like home!!! As we pulled into the driveway, Martin was busy on our patio, grilling us a delicious dinner of chicken, pork, and veggies while Jaz jumped around, excited to have his sisters back. I literally grabbed him as he was walking by and smooshed his face into mine. He’s a good sport. I am a lucky Frau!


One more road trip photo from the last leg of our trip.

Pit stop in Austria! It was sprinkling, but we were outside for the view. The six year old was bored with the schnitzel and salat.


Flashback Friday: In Love

Today’s Flashback Friday post is from June 2002. Back when Martin and I were newlyweds. We weren’t living together yet. He was still in the Bundeswehr at his kaserne four hours away from where I was at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Plans were in motion for our move to Italy, but nothing finalized yet.

Such a great time with so much hopeful uncertainty in the air.

Such a great time when we were all lovey-dovey in that sickening way young people are when they are newlyweds.

You can read all about it HERE.