The Naughty List

Once again, this guy appeared out of nowhere to scrape my windshield, and once again, I participated in some sassy catcalling that may have alluded to him removing his outer layers. But this time, he flung open my door, leaned in to my face, and said something that puts him squarely on Santa‘s naughty list.

Working Man

Last summer, Martin was hired by an insurance company over here. They were impressed with his banking/accounting education and experience from the United States, but still required him to get officially certified thru the German system.

That usually takes a few years. Continue reading

A Surprise at the Doctor’s Office

Martin surprised me at today’s appointment to see FestBaby. 

I wasn’t expecting him. I was trying to make sense of a German tabloid, and suddenly, there he was in his suit and tie: the only male in the waiting room full of women.

He managed to reschedule his appointments, and showed up just before I was called in for the exam. This time, the doctor could see and measure all the important parts.

To the great disappointment of friends, family, and coworkers, we did NOT find out the gender. We’re staying in the dark until FestBaby arrives. I think a reason Martin showed up today is because he didn’t think I could withstand the temptation if I was by myself.

But we did learn that FestBaby is [very] active and healthy, and developing right on schedule. I wasn’t too worried about things, but to hear the doctor rule out a bunch of the issues *older* moms are prone to face … it was a relief.

A strong heart, adorable feet, a button nose … we’re feeling pretty darn lucky and grateful things are going so well.

Lunch Date

This guy in a suit was loitering outside my office, apparently to “take a beautiful woman out to lunch.”

I offered to go back in to find one for him, but he insisted I come along with him.


Birthday Boy

It’s Martin’s birthday!!!!

I took him to dinner to a restaurant that overlooks Stuttgart and the Schlossplatz. We got the tasting menu, which included a Thai coconut soup that rocked our world.

He’s like fine wine, yes?!?

Lunch Date

Martin called my office and told me to look outside the window. He was down at one of the picnic benches, sitting with these roses and lunch.