This Boy

Jaz graciously suggested I eat the last two scoops of cookies-and-cream ice cream today. Later, as we chatted over our snacks, he mentioned he wants to be a dad when he grows up, and probably have 10 children.

“What if your wife only wants two kids?” I asked.

He goes, ”That works. Just as long as I have kids that I can protect and take care of, and you can be their grandma because you will be a pretty great grandma. You already have the gray hair.”  

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Flash Cards

Out of 500 flashcards, I‘ve narrowed it down to about 100 signs that I think make up a typical toddler‘s vocabulary, plus a few bonus words to help me stitch sentences and sentiments together. Colors. Animals. Emotions. Directions. Food. Interjections. The w-words.

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Hills and Hair

I tried biking with Junior again, taking another route. The problem with living in a valley, though, is that it is ALL uphill if you want to get anywhere.

As I pushed us up a steep incline, a bunch of Germans zipped past me on their bikes, with a few of them actually smoking, and I initially spiraled into a cloud of confused self-pity. How am I STILL so out of shape?!

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Shout Together

I got a little misty-eyed when I found these photos on my phone just now.

Lola took this sequence during our little pool party.

From top left, counterclockwise, Junior didn’t realize I was shouting along with him, but then he noticed me, put his hands on my face, I moved them to my throat, he laughed, and then we continued shouting together at the top of our lungs with him keeping his hand on me.

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Miss C and I went grocery shopping on base, and without warning, the cute young man bagging our groceries goes, “Miss C? I haven’t seen you in YEARS? How are you?”

It was my daughter’s former classmate from when she went to the American school. I pretended not to listen as they chit-chatted about his upcoming junior year and her new school, and maybe they’ll see each other around?

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An Understanding

I spent my lunch break reviewing the German doctor‘s diagnosis, punching every chicken-scratch word into Google Translate on my phone. Last Friday, the doctor spoke mainly to Martin while I did my best to listen and contain Junior, who was bored & annoyed. I knew then there were things I lost in translation, even with Martin doing his best to interpret.

I got the gist, though, and that was enough for me. But today, I reviewed every word and studied the chart, and hit up my university’s library to make sense of it all. And there is no sugarcoating: Junior is deaf. Not hard-of-hearing, but deaf.

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