Family Room Finally

Night shift nursing duty

It was another night of nurse duty for me. Fortunately, Jaz’s breathing is responding to the meds, but I feel so bad that the poor kid can’t just have a normal cold, and be soothed with some vapo-rub, chicken soup, and cherry-flavored cough syrup.

Asthma’s a bitch.

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She Looks Familiar

My daughter just brought me one of her storybooks, which is really one from MY childhood.

“Why is my cousin on the cover?” she asked.

Hard to argue, right?


Our home is a maze of cardboard boxes cluttered with remnants of packaging paper and tape. Lots to do, but hard to know where to start! As our sick girl said earlier, “Just keep digging…just keep digging…”

TBT: Dad and His Girls

Two pictures for today’s #TBT post. The top photo was taken in the fall of 1990 with my Dad Larry and sisters. The bottom was taken in the same spot in 2014 during our last visit to Cincinnati before the move to Germany.

No matching this time, but definitely color-coordinated. It took about 50 texts to make it so. (“Would you say your cardigan is more pink than maroon?” “Are we going pastel or jewel tones?” “What’s Dad wearing again?”) Continue reading

Only Unkel Christian

Only Unkel Christian can get away with this!!

Not only did my brother-in-law drive into town this morning to help Martin paint our house, but our household goods arrived today (almost a month early!!!) and they want to deliver ’em tomorrow. Yea!!!!!!

Weekend Update

FYI: this kid is a cutie-patootie.


My biggest regret throughout this whole move is that I failed to pack and carry with us cans of Cincinnati chili. I am stunned by my lack of planning. We have some on the boat with all our household goods, but we still have a few weeks before things get here. Today would have been perfect for some three-ways!


Martin tried. Really, he did. But nope. He’s fast asleep on the couch right now.
So, I’m officially declaring Super Bowl XLIX a nonevent for us because it’s almost 1 am over here, and even I’m exhausted by a great weekend spent with new neighbors, great food, great beer, painting rooms, sled riding, and exploring our area … not all at the same time, of course.

Good night, and enjoy the guacamole, American friends!

IKEA in Germany

The IKEA customer service lines in Germany are just as long and slow as they are in America. However, they do serve this with the meatballs in the cafe over here.