Not a Date

One of the best things about having an au pair? The extra pair of eyes on my teenager. We were out celebrating Valentine’s Day with dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and Amanda filled us in on some more details about Miss C’s past weekend when she had lunch with … a friend.

Who brought her chocolate. And brought his little brother because his Mom insisted.

But it WASN‘T a date, you guys.

It wasn’t a date.


Her eyewear finally met its match. Something about a snowball fight, running children, a tank brigade followed by the running of the bulls, finished with a parade of bulldozers and one giant Zamboni. The other lens is MIA. Fortunately (or not), they were not on her face when they met this end.

Real Life Cartoon

Sunday morning cartoons with the boys, laughing my ass off during the “Fun Run” episode of Peppa Pig. Daddy Pig trying to raise money for the school” … story of my life every time I got involved.

The nuggets they throw in there for us parents…THEE best. Caillou never did that!

In the Nick of Time

Last night, I heard Martin drop his paint supplies in the other room, bolt out of the house, and then peel out of the driveway into town. I figured he needed something before the stores closed, so I didn’t think anything of it. He returned about 20 minutes later, looking exhausted.

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Slow Down

Another morning of seven people going in 20 different directions as fast as possible. According to my planner, we have down time scheduled in February. Until then, I take photos like this (from the weekend) to capture those fleeting moments when we can slow down and catch our breath and some Zzzzzzzs.  Continue reading

Little Alarm Clock

Setting my weekday alarm clock for anything later than 5:30 a.m. is absolutely an example of relentless optimism that I may, indeed, need to be roused from a deep and restful sleep. Ha! As if I really need the help getting up so early! Thanks to the baby and these three earlybirds who can’t wait to get to school, I really don’t need the alarm. Continue reading