Our Day

Me and the boy, goofing around with PhotoBooth back in October


I came home from class this evening with only minutes to spare before Jaz’s bedtime.

Not only have I been working later, but when I *do* get home, I go straight to bed. I haven’t really seen or talked to my boy since Sunday. So, I was feeling pretty guilty when Martin sent him to me for a quick hug. Continue reading

First Date

Our oldest went on her first date this evening.

He’s Italian-American, the son of family friends visiting from Italy this week. She invited him to her middle-school dance tonight.

Martin drove them. I reassured Martin this evening, telling him not to worry as Miss C is exactly like me when I was her age. There’s no emoji yet that matches his reaction to that.

I served with his mom in the Air Force, and they’ve known each other since they were 13 months old. (Their birthdays are weeks apart.) Our families got together often for playdates when we all lived in DC at the same time.

They had both sets of parents waiting for them when they got home, ready to talk ALL about it!

By all accounts, they had a great time, and we saw pics of them tearing up the dance floor with her friends.

Ahhh, middle school.

Growing Boy

He helped me pick the sunflowers while his sisters were at music class.


My son: “Mom, I’m hungry.”

Me: “That makes sense. You are a growing boy.”

My son: “No, I’m a STARVING boy.”

I threw some pizza, apples, and green beans at him. I think I have a few hours before he comes back…

Get Outta Here!

That moment when we just got in the car and drove!!!

Actually, he was driving me to work. There was coffee pick-up, yes! And we only walked out of the door once. Not back-and-forth 15 times before being able to finally buckle up and back out of the drive-way before pulling in again for one more thing.



Spent some time at Stuttgart Markethalle. I bought everything. (Not really, but I wanted to…)

There’s a restaurant, and a bunch of houseware shops. Homemade soap, fabrics, etc. I could have easily dropped a few hundred Euros, but you know, responsibilities..

Got baklava? We do.


This was my face when my tween complained we woke her up too early … at 10:45 a.m. this morning.

“You should let me sleep in!!!”

She was NEVER a late sleeper. Always our early bird. This is baffling to us.

Best View

Uploading photos from the last few weeks, and found this one I took during one of our walks. Jaz got a little too winded after running around with his sisters, so Dad carried him the rest of the way.

Lucky kid had the best view of the countryside! 


My oldest walked into the kitchen for a late-night sandwich, and instead (to her chagrin), we pulled her into a “sandwich” hug, which she used to demand from us ALL the time, but now weeks can go by without one.

And to add salt in the wound, I documented it!!!

Tween Life

My neighbor and I both have tween girls in middle school, and yesterday’s “driveway huddle” reminded me so much of these SNL characters!

Our conversation went like …

“I love, love, LOVE my daughter! Seriously, she is THE BEST! … But sometimes?”

*drops voice to whisper*

“Sometimes, she can be, like, really annoying, and I’m like, are you seriously my daughter right now?”