Mom Life

Martin and I got home from a Halloween party about an hour ago. Martin went straight to bed, but the baby wants to stay up and talk all about it. He discovered how to vary the volume of his voice. At the moment, he goes from loud to louder.

School Photo

I may be biased, but I don’t think my son knows how to take a bad photo.

Also? I can really see how he takes after me, especially since he and I are the only ones with green eyes in our family. He’s pretty proud of that.

Selfie at the Bridge of Sighs


Miss C wanted to take a selfie at the Bridge of Sighs during our recent visit to Venice.

Just as she found the perfect position right on the edge of the landing, an older couple forcefully pushed themselves behind her and CLASPED ARMS over her to get a photo themselves, and then talked to their travel buddy photographer as if Miss C wasn’t standing there.

As I watched this from across the bridge, I was ready to go speak my mind to those rude Europeans. But before I could move, Miss C just calmly took her photo and then leaned into them a little, grinning into THEIR camera as if she was their grandkid. They (and their travel buddy photographer) were so focused on themselves, they didn’t even notice her doing that. They took a few snaps and then walked away.

Is it really a photobomb when they themselves put her in that position? Love my girl and her sensibilities.

1000th Photo

This is my 1,000th Instagram pic. A selfie, of course. First Instagram pic was taken in October 2011 as Martin and I headed into downtown DC for our first date night after our son was born. #1,000 was taken in our hallway in Germany after sending the girls off to school and before I headed to work, and the boys went out with Martin’s mom and brother.

Life is good.

The kids had such a good time with their Oma and Onkel Christian!
The kids had such a good time with their Oma and Onkel Christian!


I know that Germans love their peace and quiet, so I try to be respectful when I’m calling for the children as they are playing outside.

But every now and then, I forget myself and I end up yelling [in English] something like, “If you don’t get your lil’ asses into this house RIGHT NOW, you will be SO SORRY, you have no idea. YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!” Then I scan the neighborhood as my children run into the house, certain to see some older German frau on the phone calling me in, but I never do.

And now I know why. I just heard my German neighbor calling in her children. I have absolutely nothing to worry about. 😉