The First Profile Pic

Today‘s Throwback Thursday photo was, apparently, my first Facebook profile picture (or the earliest one I saved), taken in September 2007, a few days after I returned from my deployment. I was 26, Miss C was 4, and an only child then, and for weeks upon my return, she spent most of her time attached to me in some way. We were watching television here when Martin snapped this. It feels like a lifetime ago. She was so tiny!

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Mom Life

Martin and I got home from a Halloween party about an hour ago. Martin went straight to bed, but the baby wants to stay up and talk all about it. He discovered how to vary the volume of his voice. At the moment, he goes from loud to louder.

The Roman Soldier

Martin was taking our group photo yesterday with our SLR when a Roman soldier appeared out of nowhere and wrapped his arms around us for an epic photobomb.

We are all home now: unpacked, showered, and fed. Grandpa is still with us, so I declare this second camping trip a roaring success! I was pretty certain we broke him this morning after sharing a tent with four grandkids and having to hike to the bathroom facilities all weekend, but there’s always next weekend to test his limits again!!!!

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School Photo

I may be biased, but I don’t think my son knows how to take a bad photo.

Also? I can really see how he takes after me, especially since he and I are the only ones with green eyes in our family. He’s pretty proud of that.