The Waiting Game

Martin and I were at the hospital last Friday for a visit with our birthing team after my appointment Wednesday with my doctor showed some maternal issues that we’re monitoring.

Even though these things are monitored for all pregnant woman at any age, nevertheless, as my doctor explained the issues at our Wednesday appointment, I thought of the song “Old Gray Mare” from my childhood. The old, gray mare…she ain’t what she used to be!

I don’t remember pregnancy being this complicated when I was 22 years old!  Continue reading

Belly Buddy

I managed to be super stealthy the other night, and snap this photo of Kiwi napping next to me on the belly. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want anyone to know that she’s actually a sweet, affectionate cat. Continue reading

Doggone It

I went shopping yesterday to pick up a few more items for my upcoming hospital stay. I learned my lesson with Jaz, who showed up three weeks before his due date. We were so unprepared and in a rush … all while I was in active labor. During the course of my hospital stay, Martin ended up having to go back and forth from the hospital to the house to bring things I needed that we forgot. He also had to swing by a baby store to buy a car seat and newborn outfit to take the baby home!

That’s not going to be the case this time, not if I can help it.  Continue reading

TBT: Mama Care

Today’s #TBT photo is from 2011, and shows Lola (age 2) listening to her brother’s heartbeat using her toy stethoscope.

He arrived just a few weeks later. I had to smile when I saw this photo again, because she’s been a fantastic medical assistant this time around, too. This photo is proof she’s always taken excellent care of her Mama!

And let it also be proof that a belly piercing is never a good long-term investment.

Clown Pants

My sister sent me these pants, insisting they were made from real gossamer fairy wings. I am tempted to wear them in public for the sole purpose of having an airline or sanctimonious mom blogger chastise me for my indecency, but that would require too much energy. Continue reading

Life Loops

I blame the hormones, but I got a little verklempt just now and wanted to share. In keeping with the celebration of life and abundance that brought along FestBaby, Martin and I have begun the process of arranging for the cord blood and stem cells to be donated after delivery, to be used for cancer treatment and medical research. Continue reading