Praise from the Principal

During a parent-teacher association meeting last week, the school principal stopped Martin to praise Miss C’s presentation earlier today. Apparently, she not only did a great job leading her peers during their recent GROUP PROJECT (*gasp*), but “her research, delivery, and language efforts did not go unnoticed.”

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Midnight Train

About 24 hours ago, I was lunching with my girlfriends in Northern Virginia. Now I’m in this first class cabin all by myself on a cross-country train in Germany. I’m taking an important exam for my studies, and it’s only offered in a few cities over here … none of them local. And the best time I could take it was immediately upon my return home from the States.

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Busy, Busy, Baby

Just submitted my mid-term exams after a whirlwind weekend of playing tour guide in Nuremberg where we also celebrated a family birthday and delivered Oma (who is on crutches now!) to her daughter’s house, where I got to squeeze the babies and yell at my kids and eat too much food. I even found some Pokemon for Martin. May this next week be just as full. 

Business Stats

Doesn’t it look like he’s got an aura around him? That’s because he’s a superhero. We are both in the thick of summer school right now, but he still found time to make me an iced coffee in a beer stein, and is trying to tutor me on business statistics.

Wish him luck! (I require a lot of patience.)

Martin and I make an EXCELLENT team, BUT we are pretty sure we should never go into business together. But if we do (because we like to do the impossible), we will need to have very distinct, very well-defined roles and an org chart where we’re both on the top tier, but in completely different corners.

This Right Here

This right here is 100 percent the reason we traveled several hours this weekend to sit thru a four-hour ceremony so I could walk across a stage in cap and gown for a degree I actually received in December.

I could hear my kids cheering for me from the stage today. My son even yelled, “My Mom rules the world!”   Continue reading