Coursework Housework

I will literally find ANYTHING else to do other than actually participating in my course discussions, which are due this evening. Our bathroom is now spotless, and I’m pretty sure I can get the laundry done while also commenting on others’ vacation photos and cat videos for another hour. Ughhhhhhhh…

[Several hours later…]

I just got done with ’em. Had to take a 20-min break between each post because it’s draining feigning interest in other people’s forced conversations. 

First Grade

This handsome boy began the first grade today! Of course, he got a giant cone full of treats! It’s called a Schultüte, and is usually filled with candy and whatever school supplies can fit in there. I’ve seen REALLY huge ones that have ALL the school supplies in there. It’s normally just for first-graders, but we gave ’em to the girls, too, for their first day ever of German school.

And yeah, that’s a  poo keychain.

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Sorry Not Sorry

I have five essays and a bunch of discussion posts due in a few hours, and after the past week we’ve had, you know I have a ton of reading still to do, but it’s much more fun taking photos like this one than being a responsible adult student.


The baby is doing so awesome. He’s completely recovered from the lung infection, and his breathing and weight gain are great. They think he just happened to catch something that his lungs and immune system weren’t yet ready to handle, but fortunately, it was all treatable.

We’re so grateful!

The Dance

My sweet girl went to her first formal dance last week. Her middle school organized it as a last special event for the eighth graders before they all head off to high school.

Since we’re putting all three kids into the German school system beginning next year, this may be the only opportunity for Miss C to attend a formal dance. So, we allowed her to invite a friend — a fellow American who lives in our village — as her date.  Continue reading

School Update

We had our annual meeting at my son’s school this morning, where we were presented with the scrapbook they maintained for him the past few years, full of his photos, artwork, and teacher observations. Continue reading

Pot. Kettle. All That Jazz. 

This week, THIS ONE brought home her report card. No surprises: she’s doing awesome!!! There was just one teeny tiny note at the bottom, beneath the praise for her voracious book reading and positivity, she should exercise a little more self-control and not blurt out answers all the time.

Having been asked to do the same thing my whole life, I made suggestions and asked her if she could work on that.

“But MOM, my answers are RIGHT!”

Pot. Kettle. All that jazz.